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Costco's Steak Dinner Kit Is "Not a Good Deal at All," Shoppers Say

The kitchen time-saver doesn't appear to be a money-saver.

When you don't have the time or energy to cook, popping a pre-made meal into the microwave or oven can be a real lifesaver in the kitchen. Whether you're looking for something simple like a frozen pizza or something more elaborate like a Thanksgiving dinner, Costco offers quick and easy options designed to satisfy these needs.

However, not all of the warehouse club's products are winners, according to shoppers. In a recent Reddit thread, one user shared a photo of Costco's New York Steak Dinner With Creamer Potatoes, which is priced at $10.99 per pound. Among the 120-plus comments, many Redditors expressed their frustration with the cost of the ready-to-cook meal being around $40.

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"Looked amazing until I zoomed in for the price. No thanks! Very unlike Costco tbh," one user wrote on the thread. "Not a good deal at all," another one added.

Several other users pointed out that purchasing the ingredients separately would be cheaper than the meal kit. One Redditor noted, "At my Costco you can get a four pack of steaks for under $40 so I would rather do that and then go get one of those giant bags of potatoes." The user also suggested purchasing your own seasoning and added, "you're good to go for the same price but you have quadruple [the] food."

Others echoed similar sentiments, with several Redditors focusing their disappointment on the meal kit's potatoes. While a couple of users presumed that half of the product's weight comes from the potatoes, others highlighted how the price of potatoes is typically less than a dollar per pound.

Costco's steak dinner kit isn't the only item that shoppers have been calling overpriced. Last month, Instagram user @costcohotfinds spotted the retailer's Butter Cinnamon Sugar Loaves for $14.99. While many Instagrammers expressed their excitement about the product's return, others shared their disappointment with the price increase, with the baked good being sold for $10.99 in January 2022.

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