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Fan's Elaborate Costco-Themed Birthday Party Is a Must-See

TikTok user Jasmine Pak took her love for Costco to the next level with a theme party for the ages.
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If you love to shop at Costco, then you might find yourself heading there first whenever you need to stock up on groceries. You might also like to check out the store's non-edible offerings, spend time nibbling on tasty (and convenient, well-priced) items in their food court, and recommend your local store to a friend. However, have you ever considered hosting a get-together that centered around celebrating both you and the grocery chain? While that may sound a little unusual—and surely is—you may be impressed by how one shopper pulled off the perfect Costco-themed birthday party, and truly took it to the next level.

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"Aint no party like a wholesale party. @Costco Wholesale [I] love u," Jasmine Pak wrote in the description of the video she posted on TikTok. Pak's dedication to the theme meant that her party included a buffet filled with food from Costco (obviously), including pepperoni pizza, cheese pizza, hot dogs, chicken bakes, and twisted churros, as well as both rotisserie chicken and rotisserie chicken Caesar salad. Of course, there was also a Costco birthday cake.

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Aint no party like a wholesale party 😫💦 @Costco Wholesale i love u #costcotheme #costcoparty

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As for non-food fun, there were signs that looked like the ones you'd find in the store, pool floaties shaped like pizza, chicken, and hot dogs, as well as guests showing up in outfits that mirror the ones worn by Costco employees. (Think: red aprons, various vests, and even T-shirts with hot dog food court signs on them.) On top of all that, there was a waterslide, which we can only assume she purchased at—you guessed it!—Costco.

As for what others thought of the party, one person on TikTok wrote, "Omg there was even a sample lady! Y'all stuck to that theme 100%."

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"What was the membership cost to get in?" someone else asked, referring to the fact that you need to pay a fee to be a part of the Costco community. Another TikTok user wrote, "TELL ME THE INVITATIONS WERE COSTCO MEMBERSHIP STYLE OR THE COUPONS THING THEY GIVE OUT AT THE DOORS."

Others left comments praising the idea with one person calling the get-together "iconic," and plenty claimed that they wanted to do the same after seeing the video. One person may even be planning two parties now, saying, "I need to do this, and a Trader Joe's party LOL."

When the video made its way over to Reddit, another fan of the party who understood and appreciated the grocery-based aesthetic wrote, "[T]his is such a fun theme! Especially for people who are obsessed with Costco (which is everyone on this sub!!!!). Plus it was probably cheap and social media-worthy." There's no doubt about that, and it might even have piqued your Costco-loving interest.

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