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Costco Shoppers Are Raving About These Special Cutting Boards

Perfect for those who absolutely love their home states.

Costco shoppers have discovered their latest product obsession at the members-only warehouse club—and it's perfect for people who absolutely love their home states.

A few days ago, a Costco shopper discovered a unique Texas-shaped cutting board at their local warehouse and shared a picture of the item on Reddit. As it turns out, Costco is selling similar boards that are designed to look like different states all across the country. 

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In the days since the first shopper posted about the Texas-shaped board, plenty of other Costco members reported seeing boards for their own states at their local warehouses. A Virginia resident, for example, spotted a Virginia-shaped board at their local warehouse yesterday. Wisconsin, Arizona, Washington, and California boards are among the others that have already been spotted at different Costco locations.


These themed boards are part of a "Destination Series" from Totally Bamboo, a brand that specializes in bowls, utensils, and other items that are all made from bamboo. All of the state-shaped boards feature laser-engraved artwork on one side, marking iconic towns and places from each state. The other side of the board is left completely blank and smooth so customers can use it for cutting without risking damaging the artwork. The boards also come with wall hang ties so customers can use them as decor rather than for cutting or serving food.

Costco members have been buzzing over the Totally Bamboo products on Reddit over the last few days. Some are even already plotting to give the special boards away as presents.

"I wanna collect them all so I can have a map of the U.S. from cutting boards" a shopper commented on one of the Reddit threads.

"I need this! What a great gift this would make with some cheese and crackers," another wrote.

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Luckily for fans who don't have a Costco membership, the warehouse club isn't the only place where you can buy these popular items right now. In fact, Totally Bamboo has its whole collection of state-themed cutting boards up on its website right now, though some of the boards are currently sold out.

All of the boards are currently listed for $29.99 on the Totally Bamboo website, but Costco has been selling them for just $19.99.

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