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Costco Is Already Selling a Beloved Holiday Item Fans Have Been Waiting For

Costco is kicking off its Christmas festivities early in 2023.

From tasty seasonal baked goods to adorable decorations, Costco is famous for offering an exciting selection of goodies to help customers ring in the major holidays each year. And although Christmas is still a few months away, the retailer is already kicking off the festivities by selling one of the most popular winter holiday items of all: gingerbread houses.

That's right! The Costco-themed Instagram account @costcobuys just spotted a special gingerbread house, the Create a Treat Pre-Built Gingerbread Chateau Cookie Kit, up for sale and tipped off fellow fans in a post over the weekend. Because they come mostly pre-assembled, these kits are perfect for Christmas fanatics who prefer to avoid the tricky task of building gingerbread houses from the base up.

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"These are pre-built, ready to decorate, and look like tons of holiday fun with the kiddos!" @costcobuys captioned the post.

Any customers who snag one of these kits will have to attach a couple of elements themselves, like windows and trees, before they can dive into the decorating fun. The kits come with cookies, assorted candies, and icing to help everyone create the most festive designs.

Many Costco members were delighted to see that the beloved gingerbread houses were already on shelves.

"How fun!" one shopper commented on the @costcobuys post.

As with any seasonal Costco item, supply and availability may vary depending on the location. Customers wondering if and when they can find these kits in stock should check directly with their local warehouse. They were selling for $15.99 apiece at the warehouse where @costcobuys spotted them, but prices may also vary depending on the location.

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Luckily for members who prefer to start their shopping as early as possible, this gingerbread kit is far from the only exciting winter holiday item you can snag at Costco right now. The retailer is also already selling Christmas trees, Starbucks Holiday Blend K-Cups, wrapping paper, candy assortments, and the super popular Brewer's Advent Calendar with 24 beers to sip on in the days leading up to Christmas.

But before we get to Christmas, Halloween and Thanksgiving are both mere weeks away now. Shoppers can also find a wide range of exciting items for the fall holidays at Costco right now, from 10-foot Grim Reapers to its massive yet affordable bakery pumpkin pie.

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