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Costco Shoppers Shocked By the Price Of New Lunch Item

Costco members were also divided on the taste of the new prepared food option.
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While Costco shoppers are usually thrilled whenever they spot new products, the latest prepared lunch item to hit the retailer's shelves is already garnering significant pushback for one overriding reason: the price.

This controversial new food item is a Southwest Wrap with an eye-popping red exterior. Laura Lamb, who runs the Costco-focused Instagram account @costcohotfinds, explained in a video this week that the wraps are filled with rotisserie chicken, black beans, corn, and spinach. She also said it comes with a "chipotle-like sauce" that tastes "fantastic.

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"I was stuffed after just one wrap because this is so much food," Lamb raved in the video.

However, other Costco shoppers who commented on the post had a major bone to pick with the cost of the wraps. For context, each box contains two full-sized wraps that are cut in half and a cup of dipping sauce. The package that Lamb snagged was priced at $16.99, though prices could vary depending on the location. (A Costco member who bought the wraps in Centerville, Ohio, paid $17.89.)

"Might as well get carry out at that price…" one shopper commented on Lamb's post.

"I was about to pick that up yesterday but I felt like it was overpriced," another said.

These are only a couple of examples of the many complaints that popped up in Lamb's comments section. Customers have also been airing similar complaints about the price on Costco's dedicated Reddit page.

"The premade stuff always looks really good but the price always scares me off. It doesn't seem to have the same oversized value as the rest of Costco products to me," a Redditor commented on a post about the wraps this week.

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As for the actual taste of the chicken-stuffed wraps, customers were deeply divided. Some shoppers who commented on Lamb's post raved about the new food item

"I just tried these and they are delicious," one of the comments read.

Meanwhile, others complained that the tortilla was too soggy or the taste was disappointing.

"These are not good. Personally won't buy it again," a critic wrote.

Costco did not immediately respond to our queries for comment on the price complaints.

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This isn't the only Costco item that has left customers outraged because of its price this year. In February, a Costco customer spotted a new food court roast beef sandwich at a warehouse in Lynnwood, Wash. Customers lambasted Costco for the $9.99 price tag on the sandwich since many of the other food court options are extremely affordable in comparison.

"$10 for a single-serve, individual item doesn't seem to fit in well with the rest of their lineup," one shopper commented on a Reddit post about the food court item.

Despite the price complaints, Costco started rolling out the sandwich to even more warehouses over the summer. (In a recent taste test, one of our editors described the sandwich as "rich and complex" and disagreed that $9.99 is too steep of a price.)

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