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6 Creative Date Night Ideas You Can Try This Winter

Go the extra mile to plan something cozy at home with your special someone.

Wintertime is a season of comfort. If you're like most people, the cold weather makes your fireplace, couch, and Netflix hold a special place in your heart—especially when it comes to date nights. And with the long winter ahead—aka "cuffing season"—you may want to kick things up a notch for a very special, romantic time with your special someone. So we've come up with six creative date night ideas you can enjoy this winter at home. (Not to mention, Valentine's Day is right around the corner, so listen up!)

Going the extra mile to plan something super unique right at home is not only affordable, but it's also above and beyond thoughtful, and your significant other is bound to be extremely impressed. We have the below cozy and creative date night ideas just for you—all you have to do is choose one to get started, and make it your own!

Plan out a road trip together for a memorable experience of a lifetime.

couple planning road trip map date night ideas

Pop open some bubbly, get the fireplace going, dress like tourists, wrap up an old fashion map and calendar, then get started with this surprise date by planning out a road trip together. Whether the destination is a total surprise as part of your date, or you choose a route that's been on your bucket list, this is sure to be an extraordinarily cozy date. After all, planning out every detail of a long, exciting road trip is part of the adventure. It's also a pretty time-consuming process and deserves much thought. From choosing your route, the places you'd like to stay, the excursions you want to do along the way, and organizing the perfect playlist that'll keep you pumped up, your planning date is sure to be a special start to your entire journey.

Plus, did you know that road-tripping is not just a matter of enjoying time away, but traveling is actually proven to be quite healthy? A 40-year study discovered that going on vacation could extend your life.

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Buy a star of your own, and plan some pretty magnificent stargazing by the fire pit.

Bundle up in your warmest winter gear, grab some plush blankets, and buy or borrow a telescope for a magnificent stargazing date by the fire pit! You can make it even more romantic by purchasing a star for the love of your life online. In doing so, the star that you buy will have full registration in the "official star database." You'll be provided with specific coordinates, so you can find your star in the sky while toasting with some bubbly and having a unique experience like no other.

Believe it or not, stargazing can be super beneficial to your overall well-being. According to Kerri Donaldson Hanna, assistant professor at the University of Central Florida, (via the Wellbeing Network), stargazing is a social pastime, it relieves stress, it can boost creativity, it's exhilarating, and you'll be surrounded by nature.

Put together an at-home spa date for some one-on-one TLC.

couple on couch with champagne home spa date

There are so many ways to rev up this theme. Consider sprinkling rose petals, lots of candles, and white twinkle lights to create a spa-like environment right at home. Purchase a DIY kit that best suits you as a couple, whether it's for manicures and hand massages, pedicures and foot soaks, scented oil back rubs, nourishing milk baths, or the essentials for an at-home facial. One thing's for sure: A creative "spa date" for some one-on-one TLC is always a good idea and is sure to be a major hit.

This gift of self-love and wellness is filled with goodness. According to Southern New Hampshire University, participating in self-care can lower or extinguish depression, stress, and anxiety. It can also keep anger and frustration at bay, better your concentration, and make you more energetic and happier. And last but certainly not least, it can lower your risk of cancer, stroke, and heart disease!

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Book a virtual wine-tasting event for two, and merlot or rosé the night away.

couple toasting wine glasses by fireplace

Check out In Good Taste for an unforgettable at-home wine-tasting experience. You can order a kit in advance, and enjoy wine flights from Italy, France, and California, depending on what your palate loves most, in front of your fireplace—or outdoor fire pit—for some great sips and virtual fun.

Choose from flights like the California Wine Mixer, Uncommon Grapes, Winemakers' Selects, A Dozen Rosés, and more. And for the sweet tooth fans out there, consider doing the Wine + Chocolate Pairing, which comes with delicious red wines and silky chocolates that go so well together.

Drinking wine at a mild to moderate level can actually be good for you, according to a study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. This research revealed that vino can lower your chance of heart disease and even help you live longer.

Get artsy with an online paint-and-sip class.

Get artsy and participate in an online paint-and-sip class. After all, being creative has been proven to be extraordinary for your physical and mental health. So consider trying a pre-recorded paint and sip for an oh-so-unique, artsy experience from home! (Getting cozy in your PJs or favorite onesie is not required, but we highly recommend it.)

This kind of date night idea is simple to put together—you just need to order your supplies online and have them shipped to you prior to your class. You can choose the paintings you'd like to work on with your significant other from options like "Night Stroll," "Farmhouse Daisies," "Walk in the Park," "Paris Romance," "Mason Jar Roses," and more.

If you want to involve multiple couples in this fun date-night-at-home plan, consider a virtual live private party, where each couple can sign on from their home and enjoy a class led by a Paint & Sip Studio New York™ certified instructor. Supply kits will be shipped out in advance, and you can select a painting for the group to work on!

Plan a carpet picnic date.

holiday Christmas living room floor carpet picnic

It's time to wrap up our cozy and creative date night ideas with a carpet picnic. There really are so many options for this particular date. You can start your picnic with an online cooking class, or even hire a private chef to come to your home and whip something up right in front of you for a more bougie approach.

If you'd prefer to prepare your own picnic basket, try your hand at putting together a totally impressive charcuterie board and wine selection, followed by a favorite dish. And of course, don't forget to end things on a sweet note with a dessert or hot cocoa-themed charcuterie board. Serve your eats on a picnic setup on your living room floor. Don't forget some fresh flowers, the right music, and mood lighting for the perfect backdrop!

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