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Culver's Weirdest, Most Polarizing Burger In History Is Coming Back

The burger started as a joke, but turned into a massive success.

One of Culver's most buzzworthy, divisive, and outrageously cheesy menu items is making its grand return next month—and customers are already eager to get a taste.

The popular regional fast-food chain just announced that its famous CurderBurger is returning to menus on Oct. 2, mere days from now. For the uninitiated, the CurderBuger is an indulgent combination of two of the chain's most iconic menu items: Butterburgers and Wisconsin Cheese Curds. But rather than just piling curds onto a beef patty, Culver's fries up giant patty-sized pucks of the squeaky cheese and stacks them on its Deluxe Butterburgers

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While the burger is very much a real thing now, Culver's actually first announced it as an April Fool's Joke back in 2021. The chain ended up receiving so many requests for the item that it released it for just one day that year.

To say that the burger was polarizing would be a grand understatement. Some guests swore it was one of the most delicious creations to ever hit Culver's menu.

culver's curderburger

"It was heavenly, probably the best thing Culver's has ever created," one fan raved on Reddit back in 2021.

Meanwhile, others thought it was just "decent" or said they didn't enjoy it at all.

Despite the divided reaction, there's no denying the success the burger has brought in for Culver's. The chain said that guests started lining up for the burger as early as 7 a.m. on launch day and they ended up selling 136,000 of the novelty sandwiches nationwide. Some locations, the majority of which were in Culver's home state of Wisconsin, even sold out of Curderburgers within a mere two hours.

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That success spurred Culver's to bring it back for an encore in 2022, but unlike the first time, the chain ramped up supplies and offered it for a couple of weeks. This time around, Culver's is selling the burger through Oct. 31 or while supplies last. Considering the frenzy that the burger has caused in the past, customers vying to get a taste of the legendary sandwich shouldn't wait too long before heading over to the nearest Culver's to grab one.

This isn't the only coveted limited-edition fast food item that customers can try next month. Taco Bell just brought back its super popular Nacho Fries yesterday and is debuting its first-ever vegan item that will be available nationwide—Vegan Nacho Sauce—on Oct. 12.

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