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7 Discontinued Breakfast Foods You'll Never See Again

These still have a place in our hearts.

It's never fun to head to the grocery store to pick up your favorite foods, only to learn that they've been discontinued and are no longer for sale. Whether you had your eye on a particular flavor of ground coffee or you couldn't resist a frozen waffle now and then, these discontinued breakfast foods are sure to bring back plenty of memories. It's unlikely that they'll return to stores anytime soon, but you might have fun with this walk down memory lane.

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Eggo Waf-fulls

box of eggo waffuls

Frozen waffles aren't great for you in the first place. But these took things to another level with a fruit spread stuffed into the center of each frozen waffle. It might be for the best that they're no longer in stores.

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odwalla smoothies

Coca-Cola discontinued the Odwalla line this summer, so you won't be able to turn to these bottled smoothies for a quick breakfast on the go.

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Great Value Organic Instant Oatmeal, Oats & Flax

box of walmart instant oatmeal with flaxseed

This is one oatmeal option that appears to have been discontinued at Walmart. There are still plenty of oatmeal options at the retailer, but we were partial to this flaxseed version.

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Archer Farms Apple Cider Donut Coffee

bag of archer farms apple cider donut ground coffee

This Target-branded ground coffee sounds like the perfect way to start a fall day. It's no longer in stores, but you can still get a taste of the season at Target with this Good & Gather pumpkin spice ground coffee.

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Van's Foods Cereal

vans gluten free original toaster waffles

You've probably seen Van's frozen waffles at your local grocery store. But Van's used to make cereal, too, before it was discontinued in 2019.

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Trix Yogurt

yoplait trix yogurt
Courtesy of General Mills CF

'90s kids know that Trix isn't just a cereal. Trix yogurt featured two competing flavors side-by-side—you either mixed them together or tried to eat each one individually.

Care Bears Waffles

care bears waffles

'80s kids might remember this fun alternative to frozen Eggo waffles. Care Bears waffles were colorful and square-shaped, and they made breakfast way more fun.

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