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15 Things You Don’t Know About Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola: the iconic brand we know and love is more than just the best-selling drink.
15 Things You Don’t Know About Coca-Cola

Sure, the well-known pop isn’t great for slimming down, but you can’t deny the soda company is a prevalent — and popular — American icon. Distributed all over the world, The Coca-Cola Company makes an impact wherever it may be. But despite its global outreach, there are countless things you might not know about this company’s history.

For example, the classic 6-pack? That was Coca-Cola. A chubby, jolly Santa? Also Coca-Cola. From its designs to its donations, we let you in on the secrets behind this pop purveyor’s history. Once you’ve filled up on these fun facts, see where your favorite soda sits on our report: 70 Most Popular Sodas Ranked by How Toxic They Are!


Before Coke, Santa Used to Look a Lot Like the Grinch

Courtesy of The Coca-Cola Company

Thanks to Coca-Cola’s hired artist Haddon Sundblom, Saint Nick became a jolly, stout man famously covered in red and white. While they can’t take credit for the invention of Santa, or his coloring, they surely created his famous look. In 1931 the company began using Sundblom’s adaptations of Santa in their holiday ad campaigns, they were filled with such character and charm the company still uses them today! Before these ads success, Santa was displayed in a variety of ways — tall, green, even elf-like.


Coca-Cola and Ferrari Have Similar Taste in Design

Seems like Coca-Cola cares about style as much as Ferrari does. The company sought help from Pininfarina to create their Coca-Cola Freestyle machines. Pininfarina is well-known for their successful designs of Ferrari cars. These machines are used to let consumers design their own drinks by combining over 100 drinks of their choice!


A Singer Was the First Face of Coke

From Taylor Swift to Michael Jordan tons of celebrities represent the brand. Ever wonder who was first? Turns out, singer Hilda Clark was one of the first to start this trend. Well known for her leading roles throughout various theaters in the US, Clark’s face was seen all over Coke advertisements such as serving trays and change receivers beginning in 1899.


Keanu Reeves LOVES Coca-Cola

Well known for his roles in The Matrix and The Devil’s Advocate — Keanu Reeves had to start somewhere. Luckily, casting directors first noticed him in a Coke commercial. This 1984 commercial set him up for his future, who would’ve known?


They Invented the 6-pack

Courtesy of The Coca-Cola Company

No, we're not talking about those washboard abs you’re striving for. The classic six-pack was invented in 1923 by Coca-Cola when families refrigerators were becoming bigger and bigger. They thought, what better way to fill up with your fridge. While we certainly don't agree your fridge should be loaded with pop—this was quite the product move.


They’re the Oldest Sponsor of the Olympics

Courtesy of The Coca-Cola Company

Since 1928, Coca-Cola has been sponsoring the Olympic games. Beginning in Amsterdam and continuing into Pyeongchang 2018 the company strives to support athletes, administrators, and fans. They’re even working to collaborate with other companies and make Korea’s hosting event as eco-friendly as possible.


Coca-Cola Makes Great Bug Repellent

Can’t get rid of the mosquitos from your outdoor BBQ? Place an open can of coke at the other end of your dinner table. It's not just mosquitos; flies, bumble bees, something else buzzing in your ear? All of nature's critters seem to love this sweet, fizzy drink as much as we do. Give it a shot. Just be sure you don’t drink that can by mistake!


Great Cure for Nausea.


Remember when Mom used to bring you Coke to ease your stomach troubles? Well, Mom always knows best. Little sips here and there, take away any unwarranted pain you might experience from an upset stomach.


Coke Was the First Commercial Product Feature on Time Magazine’s Cover

Courtesy of The Coca-Cola Company

Being the face of Time Magazine is just as big of a deal as it was nearly 70 years ago. In 1950, Coca-Cola made it big when their contour bottle was selected as the first commercial product to be on the cover. This was a huge moment in Cola history because it confirmed that the brand was international.

Today, this bottle is the most recognized shape in the world!


Snow Globes and Shot Glasses No Thank You. Collect A Coke.

Courtesy of The Coca-Cola Company

In 1973, a small group of people found the Coca-Cola Collectors Club. Today the club has an international membership of more than 5,000 people in over 25 countries. From limited edition to faulty bottles— these items can be worth a lot.


The Coke Recipe is TOP Secret

Courtesy of The Coca-Cola Company

That addictive, refreshing drink can't be recreated easily. In fact, it's a secret recipe.
So secret, the recipe is kept in a locked vault. In 2011, the formula was moved for the first time in 86 years. Now, you can go see the vault with your own eyes at the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta Georgia.


Coca-Cola Cares!

Courtesy of The Coca-Cola Company

Since 1984, the Coca-Cola Foundation has been giving back to their 3 priorities: Women, Water and Well-Being. In 2016 the foundation donated over $120 million across more than 70 countries.


The Coca-Cola Company Produces More Than Just Coke

Courtesy of The Coca-Cola Company

From Bacardi to Honest Tea, do you know how many products in your refrigerator are owned by Coca-Cola? The leading company owns over 500 other brands! Juices, teas, flavored water— you name it, they own it.


They Encourage Creativity

Courtesy of The Coca-Cola Company

Have you ever been to a restaurant that uses Coke in their recipes? Let them know. As a company, they strive to keep track of the restaurants around the world that use their pop as an ingredient. Chocolate fudge cake from Cracker Barrel? Coca-Cola Brisket? The list goes on and on.

If you’re curious and want to try one — access their public restaurant map to find a coke-meal near you.


They Created the First Drinkable Ad

Courtesy of The Coca-Cola Company

In 2015, the Coca-Cola launched the first drinkable ad at the NCAA final four tournaments in White River State Park. Encouraging parched fans to try Coke Zero, the company placed a 26-by-36-foot billboard that miraculously distributed the delicious drink through 4,500 feet of tubing which spelled out “Taste It.” With drinking stations below the billboard and all across the stadium, I would’ve tried it too.

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