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The Best Dunkin' Order for Weight Loss

A dietitian shares her pick for the best low-calorie Dunkin' breakfast order to support weight loss.

When's the best time to swing by Dunkin' for a treat? The answer is there's never a bad time. Dunkin' is the real MVP for so many reasons. First off, the storefronts are incredibly convenient, the welcoming coffee aroma always smells divine, and there are menu options for everyone—even individuals on a diet. The next time you're at this popular coffeehouse, be sure to check out a dietitian's #1 best Dunkin' breakfast order for weight loss.

The Turkey Sausage Wake-up Wrap paired with a large cold brew is the best Dunkin' breakfast order for weight loss.

dunkin turkey Sausage, Egg & Cheese Wake-up Wraps

Who said weight loss couldn't be fun? Whether you're out and about or rushing to work, there's always a healthy option at your fingertips. Just dunk in to Dunkin', and they have you covered.

According to Annette Snyder, MS, RD, CSOWM, LD, from Top Nutrition Coaching, the best Dunkin' order for weight loss is the Turkey Sausage Wake-up Wrap paired with a large cold brew with skim milk and an optional unsweetened vanilla flavor shot.

Why is this order so great? "The [turkey sausage] egg and cheese wrap is easy to eat, and the lower calorie count means you could add meat or an extra egg for more protein without it breaking the calorie bank. Protein is what truly satisfies for longer," explains Synder. "The beverage is a larger size for those that really like their coffee, and it's low in added sugar and calories while still providing flavor with the unsweetened flavor shot."

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Keep these tips in mind when ordering at Dunkin' for weight loss:

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Along with Snyder's best breakfast order option for weight loss, she has some pro tips to keep in mind when making healthy choices at Dunkin.

1. Opt for the smallest size when you're craving a sweetened beverage, and stay away from whole milk and cream.

First off, if you're craving a sweetened or cream drink, opt for the smallest size. If you're thirsty and want to go big, always choose plant-based or skim milk rather than whole milk or cream.

The reasoning? "Oat milk and skim milk provide about 20 to 25 calories per two-ounce serving versus whole milk with 40 calories per two-ounce serving. One pump or about one tablespoon of cream has 15 calories, comparable to whole milk," Snyder tells us.

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2. Always go for the high-protein, fiber-packed menu option so you stay fuller for longer.

Choosing items that have a high protein and fiber content on the menu will keep you full long after you finish your meal.

"For the breakfast sandwiches, opt for those with either English muffins or the Wake-Up wraps," Snyder suggests. "Croissants and bagels will significantly increase the calories, carbs, and potentially sodium."

3. Be mindful of the calories and content.

Dunkin' makes it easy to count calories since everything is typically posted right on the menu. Snyder recommends choosing meals that contain 400 to 600 calories or less, 600 to 800 mg of sodium or less, and five to 10 grams of added sugar or less. In addition, you should aim for items with three or more grams of fiber, along with at least seven grams of protein.

"For drinks, aim for 150 to 200 calories or less, 150 to 200 mg of sodium or less (lower end, especially if you're ordering food), and five to 10 grams of added sugar or less," says Snyder. As far as sides are concerned, choose selections that contain 200 mg of sodium or less.

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4. Keep things basic when it comes to your coffee order.

When in doubt, leave it out! Snyder suggests, "Go for the basic coffee drinks that you can customize and control what goes in versus something like a blended frozen drink."

The milk you choose can add the flavor you're looking for. Oat milk is a tad sweeter than others, and unsweetened flavor shots are always a solid touch.

"The highest calorie sources in drinks include sugary flavor swirls (syrup), whole milk, and cream," Snyder warns. "If you don't care for the lighter milks, opt for a smaller drink size and go for a small amount of whole milk or cream added. If you need more caffeine, opt for an extra [espresso instead] of a larger drink."

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