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The Best Exercises To Prevent Osteoporosis in Your 50s, Expert Says

A healthy diet and performing the right exercises is an important step to help strengthen your bones.

It's so important to know how to stay healthy and fit, especially as you age. One common disease to be mindful of that affects both men and women is osteoporosis, as it brings on brittleness and weakness to your bones. Individuals who suffer from osteoporosis risk dealing with a bone fracture from something as simple as coughing or bending. Eat This Not That! reached out to Dr. Mike Bohl, MD, MPH, ALM, Director of Medical Content & Education at Ro to learn the best exercises to prevent osteoporosis in your 50s. Read on to learn more, and next, check out The 6 Best Exercises for Strong and Toned Arms in 2022, Trainer Says.

Jogging, jumping rope, hiking, and playing tennis are all great exercises to do

man playing tennis, exercise to prevent osteoporosis

Whether you already suffer from osteoporosis or are at the prime target age when it can begin, consuming a healthy diet and performing the right exercises is an important step to help strengthen your bones and help prevent bone loss. Dr. Bohl explains that your 50s is an exceptional time to be keenly aware of osteoporosis since the average of menopause is 51 years of age and it's very common during that stage.

He tells us, "The best exercises to prevent osteoporosis are weight-bearing exercises that work against gravity. You can also think of these exercises as things that really work your leg bones. Exercises include jogging, climbing the stairs, jumping rope, walking, hiking, playing tennis, and dancing."

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In addition to exercise, feeding your body with good nutrition—like calcium and vitamin D—is key

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Since health and fitness should really be a lifestyle, we asked Dr. Bohl to share some good daily habits to be proactive in preventing osteoporosis. He advises, "In addition to exercise, one of the most important things you can do to help prevent osteoporosis is to ensure you're getting adequate nutrition. In particular, focus on getting enough calcium and vitamin D each day. Additionally, it's important to avoid behaviors that can cause bone loss."

He also strongly suggests drinking alcoholic beverages in moderation, and to refrain from smoking, adding, "You should also talk to a healthcare provider about your individual risk for osteoporosis, as screening may be appropriate for you. If you are at risk or already have osteoporosis, there are medications you can take to help prevent further bone loss."

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Symptoms of osteoporosis can include back pain, slouched posture, or loss of height

woman dealing with lower back pain, osteoporosis

Unfortunately, as far as early warning signs that you may have osteoporosis, Dr. Bohl says there aren't any. Oftentimes, individuals experience systems after the disease has progressed and their bones are already in a weak state.

According to Dr. Bohl, "You may experience back pain, loss of height, or slouched posture. The tell-tale sign of osteoporosis is developing a fracture in the spine or in other bones, which may happen more easily than you expect."

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