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5 Best Exercises To Burn Shoulder Fat for a Sleeveless Spring

Springtime is meant to be sleeveless, are we right?

Springtime is meant to be sleeveless, are we right? The one thing that may prevent you from feeling the moment of the season is dreaded shoulder fat. The shoulders happen to be one of those parts of the body where you may put on unwanted flab. It can be difficult to lose and frustrating to deal with. Fear not, because we have the perfect solution with five of the best exercises to lose shoulder fat, recommended by a fitness professional.

If you want to giggle this spring instead of jiggle, we've learned the right exercises that will strengthen and tone the muscles in your shoulders. In doing so, you will build muscle mass, boost your body composition, and achieve the sleek tank-top-ready arms you desire.

Eat This, Not That! spoke with Tiffany Hamlin, senior director of fitness and technology for World Gym, who explains, "It is not possible to spot reduce fat in a specific area … [For] tank-top-ready summer arms, here are five exercises that can be effective in building those 'boulder shoulders' for summer!" She adds, "Remember, consistency with strength training and a balanced diet are key to achieving any fitness goals, including reducing fat and building muscle mass in the shoulder area."

Keep reading to learn all about Hamlin's five best exercises to lose shoulder fat for a sleeveless spring. And next, don't miss Build Up Your Boulder Shoulders With These 5 Exercises, Trainer Says.


woman doing pushups on yoga mat, exercises to lose shoulder fat

This classic bodyweight move activates your triceps, shoulders, and chest. To set up, assume all fours. Your hands should be lined up with your shoulders, and your body should form a straight line. Bend at the elbows to descend toward the floor before pushing yourself back up to the start position.

"By strengthening these muscles, pushups can help improve shoulder definition and reduce fat in the shoulder area," Hamlin explains. "For beginners, try pushups on your knees. For more advanced players, try pushups with your feet elevated."

Dumbbell Shoulder Press

woman performing dumbbell shoulder press workout for a smaller waist

This strength exercise fires up your deltoids, which Halmin explains are the muscles that help your shoulders move. The dumbbell shoulder press can help decrease fat and boost the shape of your shoulders by strengthening your delts.

To set up for a seated dumbbell shoulder press, situate yourself on a workout bench. With a dumbbell in each hand, set them on your thighs before bringing them up slightly over shoulder height, according to Legion Athletics. Your palms should face outward, away from your body. Push your feet into the ground and your upper and middle back into the back of the bench. Then, press the weights up to the sky as you fully extend your arms. Lastly, lower the dumbbells back down.

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Upright Rows

woman doing a barbell upright row at the gym

The upright row requires you to work with a barbell, EZ bar, kettlebell, or a set of dumbbells. According to Barbend, this exercise is stellar for building up strength in your upper body. If you're seeking efficient strength training that prompts muscle growth and fat burn, look no further than the upright row.

"Upright rows target the muscles of the upper back and shoulders, including the deltoids and trapezius. This exercise can help improve posture and reduce fat in the shoulder area," Hamlin says.

To set up for the barbell route, use a close grip to grab the bar, and hold it up by your waist, Barbend instructs. Both arms should be extended and relaxed, and both knuckles should be facing the floor. Then, bend both elbows, pulling them upward; you should pull the bar up until it's at the height of your chest.

Lateral Raises

mature woman doing dumbbell lateral raise to lose shoulder fat

The lateral raise is another productive move that totally fires up your deltoids. By extending your arms and lifting the dumbbells out to each side of your body, this exercise can strengthen and tone the muscles in your shoulder region, Hamlin explains.

To perform this exercise, with both palms facing your body and holding dumbbells, gradually raise the weights until they reach the height of your shoulders, Muscle & Strength instructs. Hold this position for a moment before gradually lowering the dumbbells back down.

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Rear Deltoid Fly

Last but certainly not least, the rear deltoid fly activates your rear delts. When combined with the other recommended shoulder exercises, it "will give you a 360-degree shoulder definition," Hamlin notes.

To set up, take a knee, forming a 90-degree angle with your front leg. Hinge your upper body forward. Then, holding a dumbbell in each hand, lengthen both arms out to the height of your shoulders to assume a "fly" position. Return back to the center to complete one rep.

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