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These Are the Best Gifts to Give Your Gluten-Free Friends and Family

From a decadent cake mix to a must-make gift basket idea, you'll want to gift these essentials.

Going gluten-free can be tough. A diet without fluffy bread, decadent desserts, and slurpable pasta sounds sad enough, but the only thing worse for those with Celiac disease or a gluten sensitivity is the belly pain that follows eating a mere crumb of the stuff. Luckily, we live in a time where many food brands are rolling out gluten-free alternatives left and right. This holiday season, we've rounded up a list of essential gluten-free gifts you can snag for your loved ones to instantly make their lives that much easier and day-to-day meals way tastier.

Gluten-Free Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day Cookbook

Gluten-free artisan bread book cover


One of the biggest things you miss as a gluten-free eater is biting into a crusty French baguette. Just strolling by a bakery or bagel store triggers immediate feelings of longing for the baked goods. Gift the gluten-free gal or guy on your list a handbook to making whole-grain loaves, brioche bread for thick French toast, delicious doughnuts, or even sticky pecan caramel rolls that they've been skipping out on. Plus, this cookbook from Jeff Hertzberg, MD, and Zoë François is pretty enough for them to leave out on their kitchen countertop or coffee table as a decor piece! Seriously, who wouldn't want to look at those perfect loaves?

Sweet Laurel Cake Kit

Sweet laurel cake kit


If your gluten-free pals aren't quite the bake-from-scratch type, opt for a cake kit instead. They can throw together a dessert for the group that they can dig into without checking labels for traces of gluten. This kit by Sweet Laurel is both dairy-free and gluten-free, and it's clad with vegan caramel, chocolate cake mix, and homemade vanilla extract. While most vanilla extracts are made with vodka, which is made with fermented grains, Sweet Laurel's is made with tequila for a grain-free alternative.

Meal Delivery Service Membership

Kid cooking



Among the sea of meal delivery services out there, a few in particular tend right to gluten-free eaters. Freshly is one to keep on your radar, because their entire meals are gluten-free and you can pick from three different meal plans. Depending on how much you're looking to spend, the weekly cost ranges from $49.99 to $107.99. Green Chef is another national meal kit, and one that's received the Gluten-Free Food Service certification through the Gluten Intolerance Group. Each recipe is chef-crafted, and there's a new menu every week.

Vegetable Spiralizer

Spiralizer with cucumber


If gluten-free folks have to skip piling pasta on their plate, gift them a vegetable spiralizer. They'll be so busy eating pesto zoodles, sweet potato carbonara, and butternut squash noodles in sage brown butter, they won't even miss the carbs!

Instant Pot

Instant Pot 7-in-1 pressure cooker


It's no simple task eating out when you're gluten-free, because there's always the fear of cross-contamination in the back kitchen you can't see. Skip the restaurants and encourage them to cook at home in their own safe space (plus, you can lend a hand and have a fun night in together!). Cooking in an Instant Pot is an easy way to whip up hundreds of wholesome slow-cooker recipes such as rice bowls and desserts, whether they're hosting dinner parties or meal prepping for the week.

Mary's Gone Crackers Gift Basket

Marys gone super seed everything crackers


These popular whole-grain crackers are insanely good AND packed with sesame, quinoa, and flax that lend them a seriously wholesome crunch. Of course, you're not going to just buy your gluten-free love a box of crackers wrapped in paper for the holidays. Instead, we suggest putting together a gift basket of these bad boys, along with a bottle of wine, nuts, and an assortment of cheeses. During the holidays, there are plenty of charcuterie boards being passed around, and they often quickly become off-limits to gluten-free folks. Gift them a worry-free evening where they can pass around good wine and a gluten-free vessel for Gouda and brie with loved ones.