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7 Best Grocery Store Rewards Programs That Will Save You Money

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If you're an avid money saver, you probably have email subscriptions to all of your favorite brands and maybe even a store credit card or two. But if your local grocery store isn't on your list of rewards programs, you're missing out! These free memberships allow you to save on all of your go-to, everyday items.

Here are a few of the best grocery store rewards programs out there. But if you don't see your store on this list, don't fret! They likely have a rewards program, too. Just ask at the customer service desk next time you're shopping.

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Kroger Plus Card


Signing up for Kroger's rewards program is super easy—you don't even have to visit the store! Just fill out the form on Kroger's website to create a digital account. Once you have that taken care of, you'll be able to save digital coupons right to your account and use them at checkout.

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Target Circle

target storefront

If you buy your groceries at Target, you need to know about Target Circle. Scan the app every time you shop at Target, and you'll earn a 1% cashback to apply to your next purchase! You'll also be able to add coupons to your account to use when you shop.

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Harris Teeter e-VIC

harris teeter store parking lot

Forget being a VIP! Harris Teeter is all about making you a VIC: Very Important Customer. As with Kroger's rewards program, you can download deals straight to your card to use at checkout. (Look for the deals on your go-to items in the Harris Teeter app.) There are also sweepstakes specifically for VIC members.

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H-E-B Points Club Rewards

heb grocery store
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As with other grocery stores' programs, H-E-B Points Club Rewards lets you save digital coupons to your card. You can even earn points for curbside pickup orders, too.

Food Lion MVP

Food lion grocery store

Are you sensing a common theme here? Food Lion's MVP Online program lets you save coupons to your digital wallet. You can sign up on Food Lion's website.

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Albertsons Just for U

Albertsons grocery store

With the Albertsons Just for U rewards program, you'll earn one point for every dollar you spend at the grocery store. When you reach 100 points, you'll get a reward in the form of a discount on gas or free grocery items in store. The points add up quickly, especially if you have a large household.

Stop & Shop GO Rewards

Stop and shop grocery store exterior

You can sign up for Stop & Shop's rewards program online or through the Stop & Shop app. Once you have an account, you can browse deals through the store's app and website, as well as options for redeeming your rewards points.

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