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Report: 55% of Americans Drink Hard Seltzer At Least Once a Week

According to a new report, it could even outsell beer.

White Claw lovers, your enthusiasm hasn't gone unnoticed. A new report says that the consumption of hard seltzer is projected to triple in the next three years.

According to a report by ISWR Drinks Market Analysis, some 55 percent of adults who drink alcohol in the United States consume hard seltzer at least once a week, proving that sipping on these bubbly, ready-to-drink beverages isn't just a passing trend.

Currently, the hard seltzer volume in the United States is sitting at 82.5 million nine-liter cases. IWSR predicts that figure will increase to 281 million nine-liter cases by 2023. This is all thanks to the wide popularity White Claw, Truly, and other hard seltzers experienced this year.

While hard seltzer is most desirable during the summer months, sales have undeniably increased over the past year. According to Nielsen data, hard seltzer sales grew by about 200 percent in the past year, and it's heading quickly toward $1 billion in annual sales in 2019.

Hard seltzer's appeal is that you can get a buzz from alcohol but with virtually no carbs and sugar. The drink skyrocketed to popularity this year, with countless memes made and novelty items put up for sale. (Many people even dubbed the season "White Claw Summer.")

Hard seltzer emerged as a lighter alternative to getting a buzz, and now it—along with other canned seltzer-like products, such as vodka soda—commands a market share of 2.6 percent of all alcoholic beverages in the country, which is up from just 0.85 percent the year prior.

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"Combined, hard seltzers and other canned seltzer-like products (vodka soda, as an example) will drive the total ready-to-drink category, making it the fastest-growing beverage alcohol category in the U.S. over the next five years," said Brandy Rand, COO of the Americas at IWSR Drinks Market Analysis, in a press release.

The hard seltzer market is a predominantly younger one, though the report revealed that a wide range of ages and demographics make up that 55 percent share of drinkers who consume the stuff weekly.

Could hard seltzer ever replace beer as America's go-to canned or bottled alcoholic beverage? According to Nielsen, sales of domestic beer dipped 4.6 percent between October 2018 and October 2019. It may just be only a matter of time until hard seltzer is the preferred drink of choice.

In terms of popularity, White Claw and Truly are outpacing all of the other hard seltzer brands on the market, but you never know what breakout beverage company might enter the market in 2020.

So, who's ready to crack open a can?

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