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Healthy Habits Cameron Diaz Lives by To Look and Feel Her Best at 50

The 'Charlie's Angels' star is 50, fit, and living her best, healthiest life.

We can all learn more than a thing or two from Cameron Diaz about longevity, and the reasons are strong. The celeb retired from the big screen a few years back to make spending more time embracing life a priority. But Diaz recently appeared as a guest judge on season 7 of "Drag Race All Stars," giving some solid tips to contestants, and fans were all about it. She will also "un-retire" to star in a new action-comedy film called "Back in Action" with Jamie Foxx.

The talented actress has brought us so many favorite roles we've loved, including "My Best Friend's Wedding," "My Sister's Keeper," "There's Something about Mary," "Charlie's Angels," and lots more. But there are Some Things about Cameron Diaz you may not know about. For one, she loves to cook. She's also dealt with issues many of us had, revealing in The Body Book, "I had terrible, terrible, skin. It was embarrassing, and I did everything I could think of to make it go away. I tried to cover it with makeup" (via Women's Health).

Diaz is also an absolute empowering role model when it comes to leading a healthy life. With just one look at her Instagram page, you can clearly see the actress, author, and mom does not look even close to 50 years of age. Keep reading to learn more about the celeb's healthy habits.

She wrote a book about longevity.

Cameron Diaz holding her Longevity Book
Amanda Edwards / Contributor / Getty Images

Cameron Diaz has not skipped a single beat. She lives and breathes healthy lifestyle habits and even wrote a book about it called The Longevity Book: The Science of Aging, the Biology of Strength, and the Privilege of Time, which comes after her #1 New York Times bestseller, The Body Book. In The Longevity Book, Diaz explores both the science and art of aging and suggests solid steps to live your best, healthiest, and most resilient life as you grow older.

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She's all about the Mediterranean diet.

Mediterranean diet

Maintaining a healthy diet geared towards longevity is a priority in this star's life and books. Diaz sticks to the Mediterranean diet, consuming protein, whole grains, fresh produce, and healthy fats (via FoodsForBetterHealth). One of her favorite staples is brown rice couscous. She stays away from processed foods, late-night eating, and sweets. Breakfast for the celeb is typically oatmeal or avocado toast, and as a side note, she enjoys seasoning her avocados with lemon and salt.

It's all about an 80/20 rule when it comes to eating, which shows us that Cameron Diaz is totally human like the rest of us. Her concept is that 80% of her diet consists of the healthy stuff. The other 20% is sheer fun and guilty pleasures, like a cheeseburger or bean burrito. She enjoys cooking, and spends weekend time preparing homemade meals for the week.

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She believes in the importance of a good night's sleep.

sleep concept

Cameron Diaz gets her beauty sleep, saying in The Body Book, "We spend a good portion of our lives asleep—or trying to sleep—and the quality of that time spent sleeping determines our mood and our mental sharpness, and not just the next morning but the next years of our life" (via Women's Health).

She's positive and optimistic about growing older.

Cameron Diaz
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Live with the concept that you're not getting older—you're getting better! Cameron Diaz practices what she preaches, and a good example is the thoughts of Dr. Becca Levy, who states in Diaz's new book that individuals who are positive-minded and maintain optimistic views about growing older age better physically (via FoodsForBetterHealth).

Diaz is pretty thought-provoking when it comes to growing older in The Body Book, saying, "A lot of us fear the idea of aging—getting older, being less mobile, having less energy, and being less of ourselves. But I look at aging like this: getting older is a blessing and a privilege, and if you lay the foundation for a healthy life in your younger years, your older years may very well be some of the best of your life. And the point I'm making is not about keeping up your youthful appearance. This is not about beauty and the aesthetics of our bodies. I want you to feel young. I want you to feel strong. I for one can say honestly that I feel better and stronger and more capable now than I did when I was twenty years old, because I've taken better care of myself in the last fifteen years than I did in the first twenty-six years of my life."

She co-founded an organic wine brand.

Avaline wine

As if Cameron Diaz couldn't get any cooler, she's the co-founder/creator of organic wine brand, Avaline Wines, which she heavily promotes on her IG. Diaz is quoted saying on Avaline's website, "The wine industry allows over 70 ingredients or additives to be added to a bottle, without disclosing any of them to the drinker. So we have quite the long list of 'no's.' For Avaline, it's pretty simple, our grapes are never treated with harsh chemical pesticides, we never use animal by-products, and we never add colors, concentrates or unnecessary sugars."

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