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Here's How 'Bridgerton's Jonathan Bailey Stays Fit

Hello, six-pack abs.
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Jonathan Bailey is the talk of Bridgerton's Season 2, and for good reason. While the first season was all about Daphne Bridgerton, this next one follows Bailey's character Anthony Bridgerton and his journey towards true love. According to the recent Season 2 trailer, which has raked in over 4 million views on YouTube, Bailey has been getting ready for the many steamy scenes. As you gear up to stream the new season on Netflix, you're likely wondering how Jonathan Bailey stays fit. Wonder no more, because we're going to dive into that below.

We didn't get to see Bailey's character shirtless too often in the first season, but his six-pack is about to be front and center in Season 2. And judging by the quick glimpses in the trailer, Bailey has clearly been doing some kind of workout to look that good. Let's also not forget the Instagram post of the actor reading a book shirtless—it quite literally shook Bridgerton fans.

So how does Jonathan Bailey stay fit? Read on to find out his fitness and wellness tricks before you binge-watch the latest season. And next, check out The 6 Best Exercises for Strong and Toned Arms in 2022, Trainer Says.

He got a lot of sleep and ate really well to prep for Season 2

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Bailey recently chatted with new! magazine about how he got ultra-fit for his role as Anthony Bridgerton in Season 2. The star revealed, "This season required a lot of staying calm and steady and ready. It's kept me on my toes. I got really fit, I made sure to eat well and get loads of sleep, and everything else just seemed to fall into place" (via Mirror).

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He worked out his body and mind

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The actor previously revealed to Glamour UK that he trained with a personal trainer for his Bridgerton role. But working out wasn't just about completing the reps and getting strong physically for Bailey—he also had to change his mindset. "I also think getting into the discipline of exercise really helps when you have a long grueling schedule so exercising and getting ready for a role is more of a mental thing as well as a literal physical thing," he shared with Glamour UK.

He enjoys outdoor fitness

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How Jonathan Bailey stays fit? Well, it seems like the actor is a major fan of getting outside for his workouts. He enjoys hiking, but not just any hike: mountain climbing. In a recent Shondaland Questionnaire, Bailey shared, "I love a mountain climb. I hiked to Everest base camp in 2018."

Workouts don't always have to mean hitting the gym. The star has posted photos of himself on Instagram running in a duathlon and other races, in addition to cycling for the nonprofit organization, Shelter. He's also posed with a paddleboard, giving fans another look at his six-pack abs. He previously told Entertainment Tonight, "I'm actually doing a lot of paddleboarding at the moment and swimming in the sea because I live on the coast," adding that in regards to Bridgerton, "Part of the excitement for all of us [is] to really get fit and be able to enjoy the scenes."

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He eats a lot of muesli

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Basically, wherever he goes, Bailey has some muesli on deck, he recently told GQ. He prefers almond or oat milk, and he's pretty picky about the muesli flavor. "I particularly like this one," Bailey revealed to GQ, holding up a jar of muesli, "'cause it's got desiccated coconut in it, which really lifts the top notes and the bottom notes. It can be sort of like a pudding. It can be a starter, a main course, or it can be a seven-course taster menu."

He believes body image should be a "constant conversation"

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If Bridgerton Season 2 is anything like the first season, we can expect a ton of Netflix viewers to eagerly tune in. This can be a lot of pressure for the actors and actresses to look a certain way. "I can see how you can get into unhealthy thought patterns when it comes to body image, but that's why it has to be a constant conversation," Bailey told Glamour UK.

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