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Sam Heughan's Workout Routine That Makes The 'Outlander' Star So Fit

The philanthropist, actor, writer, and Scottish warrior is so impressive.

If you're a Sam Heughan fan, you know he plays the role of Jamie Fraser in the popular Starz series, Outlander. Jamie is betrothed to his time-traveling wife, Claire, the absolute love of his life. And if you haven't noticed, Jamie can rock a kilt like no other, with the completely toned, buff body you'd expect of a strong, handsome, Scottish Highland warrior. Heughan fights in battles on screen and also works vigilantly to protect his home and family. In real life, the 41-year-old celeb from Scotland has so many amazing interests and is super productive with his time, working hard to maintain his physique—and doing so many great things while he's at it. You're likely curious about Sam Heughan's workout, and we have the details.

Read on to learn more about Sam Heughan's workout that makes his Outlander character look incredibly fit on-screen. And next, be sure to check out The 6 Best Exercises for Strong and Toned Arms in 2022, Trainer Says.

There's a lot more to Heughan than his life on Fraser's Ridge

sam heughan The Sassenach
CHRIS DELMAS / Contributor

As the star's 3.6M followers on Instagram know well, there's so much more to Heughan than his life on Fraser's Ridge. (His Instagram bio says it best: "Passionate about Scotland, Whisky, Tequila @sassenachspirits and fitness @mypeakchallenge 2x NY Times Bestselling Author.")

When not modeling for Men's Health, the Outlander star also writes. Heughan will debut an autobiography called Waypoints in October 2022. He has also co-authored two books with his Outlander co-star Graham MacTavish, called Clanlands and the Clanlands Almanac. (Clanlands prompted Men in Kilts: A Roadtrip with Sam and Graham, the popular Starz series featuring Heughan and MacTavish.) And we're not close to being finished. With many interests, Heughan even released The Sassenach Whisky (part of his Sassenach Spirits brand), in addition to Sassenach Select Tequila. In his spare time, the star also learned how to ride a motorcycle.

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He combines his fitness regimens with positivity and philanthropy

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The list of Heughan all-around goodness is endless. Heughan is very fitness conscious, but preparing for parts and such is not his only motivation for these positive vibes. The actor appears to be a very selfless individual and extremely involved in doing good things to help others. In fact, he ran two marathons in a two-month period for charity.

Heughan loves training in Scotland, his homeland, and combines his health regimens with positivity and philanthropy. Heughan created My Peak Challenge, a "global movement" that has generated more than $6 million for charity causes. "I really wanted to share my love of the outdoors, of working out with people, so I created My Peak Challenge," the actor told Men's Health, adding, "It's really about being adaptive, and I think that's kind of how I look at my training these days." The challenge has "Peakers" all across the globe who focus on various orders such as yoga, training, nutrition, and mindfulness.

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The Outlander star shared his circuit strength training regimen

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Jerod Harris / Stringer

"How does Heughan stay so incredibly fit?" is the main question of the day. Well, this celeb/warrior/philanthropist includes fight work, strength training, and much endurance in his fitness routine. Heughan has a busy schedule, and for his workouts, he plans a ladder-style setup for a full-body regimen. He loves participating in road races and has a passion for hiking in the good ol' outdoors.

Heughan shared his circuit strength training regimen with Men's Health, which is pretty indicative of what his training days look like. Here's Heughan's warmup and workout.


  • Rowing machine (2 minutes)
  • Band Pull-Apart (3 sets, 10 repetitions)
  • Pushup to Inchworm position (10 repetitions)

10 to 1 Ladder Workout: For this 10 to 1 ladder workout, Heughan completes every exercise as a circuit. Begin with 10 repetitions for each exercise. Decrease to 9 repetitions for the next round. You'll proceed "down the ladder," working your way to 1 repetition for each exercise. Here we go:

  • Deadlift
  • Kettlebell Front Cycle Squat
  • Pushup or Bench Press
  • Leg Raise

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