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Ex-McDonald's Chef Claims You Can Buy 2 Popular Dipping Sauces at the Grocery Store

You can enjoy McDonald's dipping sauces whenever you please with these grocery store versions.
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The only thing better than indulging in your favorite fast-food items is having 24/7 access to them at home. In great news for McDonald's fans, an insider just revealed how you can score grocery store versions of two popular dipping sauces from the chain to enjoy whenever you please.

Mike Haracz, a former McDonald's corporate chef and TikToker (@chefmikeharacz), has been sharing a series of viral videos where he reveals the best grocery store dupes for popular McDonald's menu items. The latest two items he covered in the series were the Spicy Buffalo Sauce and Hot Mustard Sauce, two of McDonald's dip cup options. 

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In two separate TikTok videos this week, Haracz explained that he began his search for the dipping sauce dupes by looking at the ingredients for each item on the McDonald's website. He then compared the components in each sauce to a variety of similar versions at the grocery store to find the closest match.

For the Spicy Buffalo Sauce, Haracz found not just one, but two great options: Crystal Wing Sauce and Sauce Craft Buffalo Sauce

"They are both very, very close. Ingredient statements are almost identical. Nutrition-wise, they're going to be a little more salty than the McDonald's version. But both of those are options…are excellent if you like the McDonald's Spicy Buffalo dip cup," Haracz said.

The Crystal sauce can currently be purchased at Walmart, as well as through Amazon, the Crystal website, and WebstaurantStore, an online restaurant supply company. The Sauce Craft Buffalo Sauce doesn't appear to be as widely available, but it's currently offered at WebstaurantStore as well.

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As for McDonald's Hot Mustard Sauce, Haracz believes that the closest retail version of the fast-food sauce is Pilsudski's Sweet Hot Mustard with Honey. Haracz said that even though this is a "sweet" sauce, it's still the "closest retail brand right out of the bottle you could buy to get your McDonald's Hot Mustard fix."


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Per the brand's website, Pilsudski products are sold at several regional grocers that operate in Pennsylvania and the Mid-Atlantic region, including Redner's Warehouse Markets, Boyer's Food Markets, Kimberton Whole Foods, and select Giant Food Stores. Some Bass Pro Shops and Cabela's locations carry Pilsudski products as well. Anyone having trouble finding the Sweet Hot Mustard in stores can also order it through the Pilsudski website and WebstaurantStore.

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