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How To Stay Fit in the Cold Weather, Celebrity Trainer Reveals

Don't let the cooler temps cramp your fitness vibe!

Colder temps and inclement weather have the potential to cramp your vibe—especially when it comes to working out. (Let's all agree that going for a walk when it's sunny and 65 degrees out is a more pleasant experience than when it's 12 degrees and raining.) However, Jen Widerstrom, celebrity trainer and Pikmin Bloom expert, tells us that it is possible to stay fit in the cold weather simply by tweaking the kinds of exercises you choose in cooler temperatures.

Whether or not the sun comes out tomorrow, your fitness self-care can still shine thanks to Widerstrom's positive twist. She suggests making gloomy seasons productive by exploring cold weather-appropriate options for exercise. For example, Widerstrom suggests workouts that can be done indoors, such as mat Pilates, stretch/mobility sessions, and strength training. These forms of healthy movement support lean muscle building which can help you burn fat naturally and stay fit in the cold weather.

She also recommends something she refers to as "cold weather plunges." Now, this doesn't mean you're taking a chilly plunge into a cold body of water—phew!—but rather lacing up those shoes and going for a walk because there is a weight loss benefit of racking up some steps in the cold air.

"When we are exposed to cold temperatures, it assists in the conversion of the white fatty tissue that we mostly carry in our legs and midsections, to brown fat," says Widerstrom. "This is an important exchange because, for any weight-loss goal, the brown fat is hooking you up with extra caloric burn as it helps your body retain its heat."

Fun Fall Activities That Burn Calories and Keep You Fit

friends walk and talks, workout

If you're working out at home, Widerstrom suggests teaming up with a friend, coach, or partner to make your workouts more fun, less lonely, and an overall more accountable process. Group challenges, like what you can find in the Pikmin Bloom app, can make you feel as though you're part of a much bigger team and provide some exciting, healthy competition. This proves to be quite motivating, and Widerstrom points out, "You end up walking more because you don't want to let your team down! It's brilliant!"

Although it may not feel as comfortable as in the spring and summer, it's essential to work out consistently throughout the fall and winter months.

"Motion is truly lotion for your body because it naturally increases your body's flexibility while reducing inflammation and your sensitivity to pain," Widerstrom says. Because of this, being inactive—regardless of temperature—can result in added pain and extra pounds. The reason for this? Widerstrom explains, "It puts you in a surplus of energy, aka calories that are unused. So even on my most low energy days I still move and do something as simple as walking."

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