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Jack In the Box Is Turning the Most Flavorful Steak Into a Burger

You might be able to skip the steakhouse the next time you're craving steak.

The next time you're craving steak, you might be able to skip the fancy steakhouses and high prices. Fast-food chain Jack in the Box just launched two new burgers that take inspiration from one of the most popular and flavorful cuts you can find at a steakhouse: ribeye.

The All American Ribeye Steakhouse Burgers feature burger patties that are made with 100% ribeye beef, according to Jack in the Box. Ribeye is a tender, heavily-marbled, and rich protein that is a favorite among professional chefs.

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The basic version of Jack in the Box's new burger line includes cheddar cheese, aioli, red onion, lettuce, and tomato on a potato bun. The ramped-up Bacon All American Ribeye Steakhouse Burger features all of the same elements, as well as bacon.

"Steakhouse quality but make it Jack," the company wrote in the description for the menu items.

The regular All American Ribeye Steakhouse Burger has a suggested price of $6.89, while the bacon version has a suggested price of $7.29. Per The Fast Food Post and Chew Boom, the burgers will only be available for a limited time at restaurants nationwide, so customers vying to try them will need to act quickly.

This is the second time Jack in the Box has introduced a line of burgers with 100% ribeye patties in the last few years. In 2017, the company introduced a sandwich nearly identical to the basic All American Ribeye Steakhouse Burger that just hit menus in 2023, but it used provolone cheese instead of cheddar, according to QSR Magazine. The chain also offered a second ribeye burger during that launch with grilled onions, Havarti cheese, and a red wine glaze.

Steakhouse-style sandwiches have become a growing trend with major fast-food brands. McDonald's launched a limited edition Steakhouse Stack burger–which features two beef patties, cheddar cheese, crispy onions, red onions, lettuce, and a creamy peppercorn sauce inside a toasted bun–in the United Kingdom and Ireland last month. Customers have given rave reviews for the new menu item, with some even describing it as McDonald's best burger ever.

Arby's also took a swing at premium sandwiches in January this year when it launched the limited edition Steakhouse Garlic Ribeye Sandwich, which featured thinly sliced garlic-and-herb seasoned ribeye steak and got an overall positive review in our own taste test.

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