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The #1 Drinking Habit Jeff Goldblum Swears by To Look Amazing at 69

He has a different method for his morning routine.

For decades, Jeff Goldblum has been starring in numerous movies that give him a rep of a seasoned and talented actor. His quirky demeanor and his many faces of acting give him both the on and offscreen charm that fans love. But not only is he just a man with a stellar acting career, but he's also a healthy, well-kept individual who loves to spend time with his family and eat healthily…all with a great sense of style.

His eating and drinking habits are what set him straight for a healthy lifestyle, and for nearing his 70s, we can't help but ask what he does. There is, however, one drinking habit in particular that he follows. According to an interview with Wall Street Journal Magazine, Jeff Goldblum steers clear of caffeine.

"I got off of [coffee]," Goldblum says in the interview. "It was a mental crutch for myself, and I've enjoyed eliminating it entirely from my diet. So there's no caffeine in the last, I'd say, seven years, whatsoever. I'm kind of strict about it: no black or green tea, no coffee, no anything with caffeine."

Although black coffee does come with some interesting health benefits if consumed in small amounts, caffeine can be highly addictive.

Plus, drinking caffeine may also lead to induced anxiety. By eliminating caffeine, your anxiety levels may be lowered. You might also feel less of the symptoms associated with anxiety, such as rapid heart rate, heavy breathing, and panic.

In similar nature, less caffeine may mean a better night's sleep. Certain foods and drinks (caffeine included) may cause trouble sleeping if they're consumed later in the day. This is because caffeine has the potential to stimulate the central nervous system several hours after consuming it. Therefore, drinking caffeine later in the day can cause you to lay awake throughout the night.

Jeff Goldblum claims himself to be a morning person, so maybe his lack of caffeine initiates a better night's sleep.

"​​I wash my face, and I take some vitamins and do some stretching right away," he explains in the interview. "Right after I get up, I'm very fresh and have sparky ideas. I think I'm a morning person."

Saying no to coffee

He and his wife, Emilie, have two young kids, who also wake up early to start off the family's morning routine. It starts around 6:30 AM, with breakfast following shortly after.

However, Goldblum's morning routine starts before the kids even get up. It includes working out in his home gym, which can also have the same effect as caffeine as a morning pick-me-up.

He also gets involved with playing some verses on the piano in order to get ready for his jazz group's gigs, and rehearsing for "whatever acting" he's working on at that moment.

For breakfast, the family enjoys Emilie's "incredible and unique fried egg," which involves cooking it over-easy with cheese. They also eat oatmeal with chia seeds, oat milk, maple syrup, and fruit.

To keep him in tip-top shape, Goldblum also takes a multivitamin and "a little bit of a wellness formula," which gives him a little more vitamin D in his day.

He takes this opportunity to give his children the same benefits of the vitamin.

"Me and the kids, we all have these gooey vitamins in little packets that I have to rip open and put in some liquid of some kind," he shares in the interview. "They take it in a little bit of orange juice, and I take it in a cup of hot water."

It seems pretty clear that all Jeff Goldblum needs to start off his morning is equal parts peace and quiet and spending time with family. Who needs caffeine when that will do the trick?

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