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Jennifer Aniston Just Shared a Workout That Proves 54 is the New 24

She sweats, sculpts, and reveals her rock-hard abs.

Jennifer Aniston never fails to give us endless inspiration when it comes to staying incredibly fit and channeling the best version of oneself. As a matter of fact, the actress's favorite way to work out proves that 54 is the new 24.

According to PEOPLE, after Aniston suffered an injury to her back in 2021, the celeb totally switched up the way she exercises. She fell in love with Pvolve, a "holistic fitness method" that brings together resistance equipment and functional movement to help individuals build stronger, more sculpted bodies. Aniston's go-to way to stay in shape may very well be your new favorite, too. And the best part is, it's accessible for you to start doing ASAP.

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Jennifer Aniston is obsessed with a workout class that's "hard, quick, and effective."

Aniston recently partnered with Pvolve for the brand's newest campaign, where she can be seen exercising in a flattering black workout outfit that shows off her rock-hard abs. In the video, Aniston says, "With this workout method, I'm stronger than I've ever felt before. I sweat. I sculpt. I bend. But I don't break. How liberating." Got it? Sweat, sculpt, bend—and don't break while you look great!

The actress's favorite workout class on Pvolve is called "Sculpt & Burn" and as Aniston's trainer, Dani Coleman, put it, the session is "hard, quick, and effective."

Coleman noted to PEOPLE of Aniston's exercise habits, "She gravitates towards intense workouts, but has come to realize that she doesn't have to break her body to see results. When we train, I plan each workout carefully and focus on simple but effective moves that target each muscle group—and core work is a must!"

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The celeb works with resistance equipment and "loves a challenge."

Aniston isn't one to shy away from a good "challenge," Coleman revealed to PEOPLE. When the star isn't on the road, she works out up to three times every week. As far as her go-to equipment is concerned, Aniston specifically favors the gliders and "The offers an effective, low-impact upper-body workout—it strengthens your arms, back, and engages the core," Coleman explained.

Aniston doesn't skip out on her fitness when she's traveling, either. The go-to fitness items she packs away with her include the P.ball and which offer a productive total-body workout. In addition, Coleman noted, "I will send her some workouts to try that I think she will like."

If you're in the mood to work out like Jennifer Aniston and sculpt your fittest body yet, head on over to Pvolve where you'll find the star's go-to classes in the "Jen's Picks" collection.

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