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Joey King Doing A 140-Pound Deadlift Workout Is Major Goals

The 'Kissing Booth' star crushes her own record.

Our favorite Kissing Booth star, Joey King, recently posted a pretty impressive video of herself breaking her own deadlifting record. In the recent clip, she does five reps, lifting 140 pounds. The actress, who has 19.1M followers on IG, wrote in the video caption, "Personal record 140 pounds." The post received over 243K likes and comments from more than 770 fans showing all the love, writing encouraging messages like, "Get it girl (hand clapping emojis," "Beast," and, "LOOK AT YOUUUUU (flexing muscle emojis)."

The 22-year-old star keeps herself quite busy. King has been in many movies and TV shows, including The In Between, Summer '03CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and of course, all of The Kissing Booth movies. King has also been the voice of adorable yellow fur ball Katie in Horton Hears a Who!, Beaver for Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, and Jessie in The Boxcar Children—Surprise Island. King even made an appearance in Taylor Swift's music video for "Mean."

In her spare time, it's clear Joey King is dedicated to some serious fitness. Her trainer, Jason Walsh, recently shared with Shape Magazine that an integral part of King's success at the gym is the result of her good attitude and her learning all the basics well. As far as how King progressed from the basics to crushing her deadlift record, Walsh tells Shape, "I think a lot of it had to do with attitude … and eagerness to listen and want to get better, stronger."

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Joey King is into boxing and running

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It's not the first time King has shared her fitness passion. According to The New Potato, she's big into boxing and running, and works out four to five times each week, saying, "I absolutely love exercise because I feel energetic and happy when I work out on a regular basis, but sometimes 'vegging out' is so necessary."

When training for her role in The Princess, King learned how to do some challenging stunts (like skateboarding), explaining to Byrdie, "I wake up, I pack my Gatorade and many liters of water. I eat a big breakfast: a bowl of oats with lots of fruit and some toast. I head to training … for a few hours." King adds, "Then I have meetings to prepare for the rest of the film. Then I take a shower, shove myself in an ice bath, and then I am miserable while I'm doing that. But then I get out and sleep like a goddamn baby."

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She eats "as healthfully as possible" and takes good care of her body

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What else does King do to maintain such a great figure? She eats "as healthfully as possible, but I don't make myself crazy." She adds, "If I'm craving a piece of bread or a bowl of pasta, sometimes I just need to listen to my body and indulge. You definitely have to find a balance, though, because eating the right things has incredible health and healing benefits. It's not about how you look—it's about taking care of your body so you can be the best you" (via The New Potato).

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She's all about self-love and is involved in amazing causes

Joey King at the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards
Rich Fury/MTV VMAs 2020 / Contributor

The dedication doesn't stop there. According to IMDB, this celeb is an inspiration to many kids, spending time speaking at clubs and schools, where she stresses how impacting society in all good ways is key, no matter how old you are. King even delivers Meals on Wheels to those in need with her grandmother and shows lots of love to various charitable causes. The actress has expressed how lucky she feels that she has a passion for what she does and has the people she loves all around her.

The best, most meaningful advice from this powerhouse? King told The New Potato, "Most importantly, above all else, I practice self-love. Your inner beauty shines when you are emotionally and physically kind to yourself."

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