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Kaia Gerber's Workout Shows Off Her Killer Abs And Toned Body

She works out hard, and it shows.

Kaia Gerber shows how it's done. One of the 20-year-old model's workouts is on a recent TikTok compilation video posted by Nike Master Trainer and sports and nutrition enthusiast, Kirsty Godso, and Gerber's exercises in the clip are major fitness inspiration for all of us. If you're wondering about Kaia Gerber's workout regimen, this new video has the scoop. Read on to learn more, and next, be sure to check out The 6 Best Exercises for Strong and Toned Arms in 2022, Trainer Says.

Gerber's IG is overflowing with style

kaia gerber long black dress
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Gerber's Instagram feed is filled with elite fashion magazine covers she's graced, including ELLE, Vogue, Vogue China, M, and Perfect, along with stunning ads for Prada, Calvin Klein, YSL, Marc Jacobs, Celine, and so many more. It's crystal clear why this beauty has 7.6M followers on IG. Not just any followers, we have to mention. You can find supportive comments left by Paris Hilton, who wrote "Gorgeous" on a photo of the model rocking a sparkly crop top and skirt, and Emily Ratajkowski, who commented the heart eyes emoji—and lots of love from her supermodel mom Cindy Crawford, of course!

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She works out hard, and it shows

kaia gerber running
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How does Kaia Gerber get that six-pack? This cover girl works out hard, and you will agree when you read on to learn Gerber's exercise habits.

Gerber is working out in this recent video with Godso, who posted the TikTok compilation along with the caption, "Hottest on the clock (three fire emojis)." You can see Gerber at the beginning of the TikTok workout video jumping rope. Next, she does squats along with some stability ball throws. Then, she hits up the treadmill with a run. You'll be as impressed with Gerber's great balancing skills as we are. The workout ends with some solid stretches. Clearly, Gerber is on point with flexibility.

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She's a major Pilates fan


Fitness doesn't end there, as Gerber is also a Pilates fan. She strengthens it up one time a week with Jacqui Kingswell, instructor and founder of the Pilates Class app, who previously shared with ELLE Australia, "Kaia works extremely hard in her workouts; she's focused, takes direction and is really present with her breath and body while on the mat." Kingswell also says, "We always have our sessions on a Monday morning which is a great way to start the week and get set up."

Kingswell talked about the workout regimen, too. Gerber kicks off with breathing exercises, followed by 10 to 15 minutes of ab work. Core work is king, as Kingswell advises, and it totally dictates the results you'll achieve. She adds, "For Kaia and her profession it's so important to have a strong body and to know how to stretch it out after a long day on set."

We all want abs like Gerber's, so core workouts it is!

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