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Krispy Kreme Will Now Deliver Delicious Hot Donuts Straight To Your Door

We're absolutely here for this a-glaze-ing news.

Getting dinner delivered to your door is pretty great, but opening the door to a box of toasty Krispy Kreme donuts is a whole other kind of indulgence. This just in, Krispy Kreme delivery will soon be available nationwide.

Starting Feb. 29, all of your dessert delivery dreams will officially come true. Soon, there won't be a need to leave your house to receive all of the mouthwatering deliciousness a box of fresh icing-covered (and maybe even cream-filled) donuts has to offer.

To enjoy the Krispy Kreme delivery service, all you have to do is have a phone or computer and live near a Krispy Kreme shop. The orders can be placed online or via the Krispy Kreme app, so you can have a box of donuts delivered for breakfast without having to change out of your cozy PJs.

The delivery service will launch on Leap Day, Saturday, Feb. 29. The donut company is officially making the leap from in-store to delivery, so it makes sense that the members of the Krispy Kreme crew want to commemorate this big step on a day that only comes around every four years. To kick it off, Krispy Kreme will deliver free donuts to dozens of hospitals (within a 10-mile radius of the nearest donut shop) to celebrate the most special deliveries of the day: Leaplings aka babies born on Leap Day!

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Expectant families, doctors, nurses, or other maternity ward staff at hospitals can post to Instagram or Twitter and tag @KrispyKreme as well as use the hashtag #KrispyKremeSpecialDelivery to have five dozen free donuts delivered to the hospital to help celebrate the newborns' arrival.

Krispy Kreme also recently debuted two new donuts: Butterfinger Original Filled-Donut and Butterfinger Fudge Cake Donut. These two Butterfinger delights are available from now until March 13, so be sure to include them in your next order of donuts—which you can get delivered straight to your door as early as this Saturday.

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