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7 Fat-Burning Exercises For a More Toned Butt

Bring on the burn, and get ready for firm glutes.
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If a top fitness priority of yours is to achieve smaller, tighter glutes this year, then we have just the fat-burning exercises to target that particular area. Trimming the fat and building up muscle in your butt is the name of the game. Jordi Sadurní, personal strength trainer and founder of JS Cycling Training, along with Seamus Sullivan B.S. CSCS PN1, OPNS online performance and nutrition coach, share seven moves that'll help you lose butt fat and firm things up. Keep reading to learn all about them, and next up, don't miss 5 Best Exercises for a Round Butt That Trainers Swear By.

Hip Thrusts

woman doing barbell hip thrusts at gym

When it comes to incorporating hip thrusts into your butt-targeting workout, Sadurní explains, "It may be the most common one, but, in my opinion, the most effective, so it should be on the list."

For this exercise, you'll need a barbell and a workout bench on deck. Sadurní says, "This is a very safe exercise so you can load up the bar with heavy weights [if you feel comfortable doing so]."

To get started, sit down on the floor, and place the barbell over your hips. Make sure there's protective foam on the bar. If not, use a cushion to keep the weight from potentially hurting you. Then, place your back on the workout bench, and lean on the scapula line which is under your shoulders. Keep your feet on the floor, at least hip-width distance apart. Then, start to lift the barbell as you raise your backside until your hips are completely extended.

Sadurní instructs you to perform three sets of eight to 10 reps "with an explosive ascent and a slow controlled descent and for an extra glute activation you can maintain the top position for one second." Rest for about one to two minutes between sets.

Glute Kickbacks

According to Sadurní, "This one is very good for activating the glutes, as it demands the peak glute force in the most shortened position, which is the weakest, so that involves a very high muscle activation."

To perform glute kickbacks, begin in a standing position. Make sure you have something available to hold onto that'll offer support. Next, bend at the hip at around a 90-degree angle. As you do this, lift one of your legs and fully extend it. Move into a 45-degree angle bend, and then come back up.

Sadurní explains, "By working at a reduced range of motion, you get a better activation of the glutes working only on the most biomechanically difficult range." Aim to do three sets of 12 to 15 reps, resting for one minute between each.

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clamshell exercise to strengthen weak knees

"The first two exercises are very good for developing the gluteus Maximus, and this one is especially good for targeting the gluteus medius," Sadurní says.

As for how to perform this exercise, you'll need to place a resistance band around your knees. Then, lie down on your side and flex your hips until they're at a 45-degree angle. Your knees should be at a 90-degree angle. From here, keep your bottom leg on the floor as you rotate your upper leg outward. While your knees can separate at this point, your toes should stay in contact.

Perform three sets of 10 to 12 reps, resting for one minute between sets. Sadurní points out, "If this exercise feels too easy, get another band or a harder one."

Banded Glute Bridges

woman performing banded glute bridge exercise as part of upper leg workout in bright room

Sadurní also suggests the banded glute bridge in order to tone your tush. Start out in the same way you did with the hip thrust, only this time around, lie down on the floor. Your feet should be hip-width apart. Grab an exercise band, and place it around your knees to create resistance.

Once you're all set up, lift your backside off the floor, and keep it going until you've fully extended your hips. At the same time, be sure you're not flexing your back, and ensure your abs stay activated. Hold this position for one to two seconds before bringing your backside down to the floor. Complete three sets of 10 to 12 reps with a one-minute rest between each set.

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One-Leg RDL

According to Sadurní, an RDL is a Romanian deadlift, and this one requires you to focus on one leg at a time. You'll also need to have a dumbbell to work with.

Get yourself into a standing position, and hold the dumbbell in your right hand. Lift your right leg as you bend at the hips and lower your torso. Bend your knee slightly, and try to stay as steady and in control as possible throughout the first part of the movement. However, when you come back up, Sadurní says to use an "explosive" action that'll use your glutes as the source of power.

"The lowest point should be the one that enables you to maintain a straight back," Sadurní explains, saying you should feel a stretch in your hamstring. "As the dumbbell is on the opposite side of the working leg, this will create an angular momentum, making your hip abductors (gluteus medius) fire so that your hip doesn't drop down on the side of the free leg."

Complete three sets of eight to 10 reps. Sadurní also points out that you can start without a dumbbell or use one that's light, and then work your way up to something heavier to keep increasing the challenge.

Cable Kickbacks

woman doing cable kickbacks, demonstrating how to lose butt fat

If you still feel like your backside could use some extra toning, then Sullivan recommends the cable kickback. Set yourself up at a cable machine. To perform the exercise, you'll do exactly as the name implies. Once you have the machine's brace attached to one ankle, pull your leg behind you in order to do a "donkey kick." Your other leg should be on the floor keeping you stable, and feel free to hold onto the machine with your hands to remain steady.

Although you may feel like it's your leg that's putting in the effort, Sullivan explains, "One needs to feel this in the one glute that primarily works the cable." Complete three to four sets of 12 to 15 reps.

Frog Pumps

frog pump exercise

Finally, Sullivan says that you can achieve a toned butt by hopping on an exercise known as frog pumps. To get started, lie down on the floor, keeping your feet together and allowing your knees to point out on either side. This should put you in a rather frog-like position. From there, begin to lift your knees up and off the floor. As you return back down, make sure that you move slowly and keep the tension on your glutes and lower back. Complete three to four sets of 15 to 20 reps.

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