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#1 McDonald's Breakfast Hack To Get Fresh Eggs, According to a Chef

This simple swap can help customers score a "far superior" McDonald's breakfast.

Whether you're in the mood for a stack of pancakes, a cup of oatmeal, a crispy Hash Brown, or a satisfying breakfast sandwich, McDonald's morning menu already boasts a variety of customer-approved options. But according to a McDonald's insider, there's a little-known trick fans can leverage to make one of the chain's most popular breakfast items even tastier than usual.

Mike Haracz, a TikToker and former McDonald's corporate chef, tipped off viewers about the "best McDonald's breakfast hack" in a recent viral video with more than 70,000 views. He suggested opting for one of the chain's bagel sandwiches—which have been returning to menus in 2024 after being discontinued in 2020—but requesting a different type of egg.

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For context, McDonald's restaurants use four different kinds of eggs in their breakfast items. The round eggs featured in the McMuffin sandwiches are freshly cracked and cooked in ring molds inside stores. The seasoned egg scramble in McDonald's Sausage Burrito is pre-cooked by suppliers and flash-frozen before arriving at restaurants. 

The classic scrambled eggs on McDonald's breakfast platters are made from liquid eggs cooked fresh inside stores with real butter. Finally, the folded egg patties on the bagel, biscuit, and McGriddle breakfast sandwiches are pre-cooked and flash-frozen by suppliers before being sent to restaurants. At the stores, they're reheated on the grill with butter. 

McDonald's Bacon, Egg & Cheese Bagel

According to Haracz, the pre-cooked folded egg is "hot garbage." So, he urged customers to request the classic scrambled eggs on their bagel sandwich instead. This hack could also theoretically work with any other type of McDonald's breakfast sandwich.

"They cook these in the restaurant. It is liquid egg product that they cook and hold, but it's more flavorful. It's more tender," Haracz said of the scrambled eggs. "Usually the portion is bigger based on how they're supposed to make it. So when you add that egg to your bagel sandwich, it is far superior."

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Customers should keep in mind that not every McDonald's worker may be willing or permitted to make this type of swap. However, some customers have already reported success in trying out the hack in the comments section. 

"This works and it's fantastic!" a TikToker commented on Haracz' video. 

"I did it, they had no problem doing it…it was amazing! No upcharge either," another wrote.

Some commenters also suggested an alternative hack for upgrading the bagel sandwiches: request the freshly cracked round egg from the McMuffin sandwiches in lieu of the folded or scrambled eggs.

"I get the round egg every time, so good!" a TikToker raved.

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