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McDonald's Is Bringing Back a Popular Breakfast Item After 3 Years—But There's a Catch

Customers launched petitions begging for the item's return after it was discontinued in 2020.
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McDonald's customers have been begging for the return of a popular discontinued breakfast item for years—and their unrelenting efforts have finally paid off.

The fast-food giant is officially bringing back its fan-favorite Breakfast Wrap, according to a Jan. 15 announcement. The popular breakfast item will make its grand return to menus on Feb. 7, roughly three years after it was retired in 2020.

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The catch with this highly-anticipated relaunch, however, is that the item will only be available in the United Kingdom and Ireland. This means that McDonald's fans in the United States who've been vying for a chance to sample the international menu item will be out of luck unless they have an overseas trip planned in the next couple of weeks.

McDonald's sometimes brings items that were previously only available overseas to the United States, like the Squishmallows Happy Meal that debuted late last month. So, American customers can also keep their fingers crossed that the Breakfast Wrap eventually makes its way to the States.

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When the Breakfast Wrap becomes available in the United Kingdom and Ireland again next month, it won't look exactly the same as it did in the past. McDonald's has swapped out the folded eggs that used to come in the wrap with two free-range round eggs. The wraps also feature a pork sausage patty, a slice of bacon, a potato rosti (a crispy potato cake), cheese, and the customer's choice of either tomato ketchup or brown sauce inside a tortilla wrap.

McDonald's Breakfast Wrap
McDonald's UK

Customers were devastated to see the Breakfast Wrap pulled from the menu back in 2020. Some were even so desperate to get it back that they started several petitions calling for its return.

"Ever since the much-loved item took a hiatus from the menu in 2020, McDonald's fans across the nation have united in the loss of a true breakfast hero and forever awaited its return," McDonald's wrote in the announcement.

Now that the wraps are finally slated to come back, customers are already celebrating the exciting news on social media.

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"The Breakfast Wrap is coming back at McDonald's!!!!!!! THIS IS THE BEST YEAR," one fan posted on X, the social media site formerly known as Twitter.

"This has made my week. The Breakfast Wrap is by far the best thing from McDonald's," another wrote.

Customers will be able to snag a Breakfast Wrap for £4.39, the equivalent of about $5.55 in the United States. Meanwhile, a Breakfast Wrap Meal will cost £5.89, the equivalent of about $7.45.

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