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McDonald's Is Finally Launching a Highly Anticipated New Happy Meal

Mark your calendars for Dec. 26!

The Christmas season will be over just one week from today, but McDonald's may help you cure your post-holiday blues with a special launch on Dec. 26.

The fast-food chain just announced a new Squishmallows Happy Meal coming to menus in the United States. Come Dec. 26, restaurants nationwide will start selling Happy Meals featuring mini versions of the popular plush toys, which are known for their whimsical designs and super soft feel.

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McDonald's has already introduced Squishmallows Happy Meals in several other countries across the globe over the past few months, including Canada, the United Kingdom, and even the Philippines. But the upcoming launch in the United States means that the wait for the Squishmallow Happy Meal will finally be over for American fans.

Customers will be able to collect up to twelve different Squishmallow toys while the Happy Meal is available. The selection includes several Squishmallow characters that fans already know and love, like Cam the cat and Fifi the fox. There's also a new toy based on the purple McDonald's mascot that inspired a viral TikTok trend this past summer: Grimace.

McDonald's Squishmallow Happy Meal

Additionally, the McDonald's announcement hinted at a "surprise mystery character" that some lucky customers may discover in their Squishmallow Happy Meals.

"We're all about connecting our fans to culture and Squishmallows are some of the hottest toys out there right now," Tariq Hassan, McDonald's USA chief marketing and customer experience officer, said in a statement. "This collaboration welcomes McDonald's and Squishmallow fans alike to enjoy this one-of-a-kind experience with the first McDonald's Squishmallows Squad."

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For an interactive touch, each Squishmallows Happy Meal character will also come with its own unique playlist. Curated by Universal Music Group, the playlists are based on the "unique and fun personalities" of each Squishmallow, McDonald's said. Customers will be able to scan a QR code on the Happy Meal boxes to access the collections of tunes once the meal launches.

While Squishmallow fans have to wait until next week to get their hands on the new Happy Meal, customers can enjoy another limited-edition McDonald's meal that recently hit menus right now: the Kerwin Frost Box. Created in partnership with artist and DJ Kerwin Frost, the meal features fries, a soft drink, and the customer's choice of either 10-piece Chicken McNuggets or a Big Mac. The boxes also come with reimagined versions of the McNugget Buddy collectibles first introduced in 1988.

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