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McDonald's Just Dropped Its First Limited-Edition Dessert of 2024

Customers say they're "deeply in love" with the seasonal sweet treat.
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Earlier this month, McDonald's made the exciting announcement that its fan-favorite Double Big Mac will return to menus on Jan. 24. But as it turns out, the extra-large burger isn't the only exciting item coming to the fast-food chain this month.

McDonald's just quietly brought back its popular Strawberry & Crème Pie, the first addition to the chain's dessert lineup in 2024. I spotted the pie on the menu at a McDonald's near me in central New Jersey on Jan. 15. And per Allrecipes, other customers have also recently seen the pie at select locations across the United States.

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In a statement to Eat This, Not That!, McDonald's USA confirmed that the Strawberry & Crème Pie is only available regionally for a limited time right now in markets including Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York City.

The pie features strawberries and a vanilla-flavored crème baked side by side in a sugar-coated flaky crust. McDonald's first introduced the dessert all the way back in 2012, according to Allrecipes. Since then, the fast-food giant has brought it back several times as a limited-edition item. The last time it was available was in the spring of 2023, according to media reports.

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McDonald's Strawberry & Creme Pie

The pie's latest relaunch will come as great news to customers who've grown to love it over the years. There's no shortage of rave reviews about the popular sweet treat on social media.

"I'm deeply in love with McDonald's Strawberry & Crème Pie," one fan posted on X, the social media site formerly known as Twitter, in 2022.

"Someone could propose with a McDonald's Strawberry & Crème Pie, and I'd gladly accept," another wrote.

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Some customers even believe that the Strawberry & Crème Pie is tastier than the Baked Apple Pie, which has a permanent spot on the McDonald's menu.

"Maturing is realizing the McDonald's Strawberry & Crème Pie is better than the Apple Pie," an X user posted in 2023.

This is only the latest seasonal pie to hit the McDonald's menu in the past year. The chain temporarily brought back its limited-edition Pumpkin & Crème Pie in mid-September 2023, just in time for fall. McDonald's seasonal Holiday Pie, another fan favorite, made its grand return two months later in November 2023. Additionally, the chain debuted a brand-new Cookies & Crème Pie for a limited time this past summer.

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