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McDonald's Just Brought Back This Holiday Drink

No, this popular seasonal item wasn't discontinued!

McDonald's is ready to get its cheer on with the addition of two limited-time menu items that fans are excited about. If you're a McDonald's menu stalker, you'll notice the famous holiday pie has returned to the menu, but only at select locations. The sprinkle-covered, vanilla-custard-filled pie is a festive rendition of McDonald's classic apple pie. To complement it, the chain is also bringing back another holiday favorite: the Peppermint Mocha. (Related: McDonald's Is Making These 8 Major Upgrades.)

The caffeinated treat can be ordered hot or cold (or as a Peppermint Hot Chocolate) and follows a tried-and-true flavor formula: coffee + peppermint chocolate syrup + whipped cream + more syrup on top, according to News 10 in Dallas. Not only does this spark that holiday feeling in us, but it also provides a budget-friendly alternative to festive coffee drinks from competitor chains (the McDonald's Peppermint Mocha is almost $2 cheaper than the smallest size of a similar drink at Starbucks).

Although the drink usually makes an appearance on the McDonald's menu every year, 2019 was an exception. Instead of the beloved mocha, the chain opted to test out a different holiday beverage with the Cinnamon Cookie Latte, which prompted rumors that the mocha was a discontinued seasonal menu item. But it looks like the latte wasn't as popular because it's back to the good old minty mocha this year.

If you're a fan, look for it at select McDonald's locations nationwide—the elusive item will likely leave the menu again in January. But just note: As with the fast-food chain's other coffee beverages, the calories in this holiday drink can add up quickly.

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