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People Are 'Mouth Taping' for Better Sleep & Swear by the Results

A wellness expert shares everything you should know about mouth taping.

If you're not the best sleeper, you likely spend a solid chunk of time searching the internet for the latest sleep hacks, tips, and tricks. It's always inspiring to seek inspiration from individuals who have their own tried and true methods. Enter, TikTok. People on TikTok are mouth taping for better sleep and swear by the results. What is mouth taping, might you ask? We spoke with an expert who breaks down everything you need to know about the trend, along with its benefits. Keep reading to learn more, and when you're finished, be sure to check out What Happens To Your Body When You Lose an Hour of Sleep.

What is mouth taping?

mouth tape

Mouth taping involves using a porous piece of tape to seal your mouth shut so you breathe through your nose as you sleep. "Nasal breathing has several advantages over mouth breathing, including greater oxygen absorption and circulation, slower breathing rates, and better-filtered air," explains Dorsey Standish, MS, a mechanical engineer, neuroscientist, wellness expert, and CEO of Mastermind Meditate.

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Standish does point out, though, that while many individuals rave about mouth taping for better sleep, there's no conclusive scientific data that backs up these claims. In addition, symptoms such as snoring and sleep apnea can be side effects of serious medical issues and should be addressed with your healthcare provider.

"If you suspect you may be mouth breathing while asleep or awake, you can experiment with intentional nasal breathing while awake," Standish suggests. "You can try mouth taping during low to moderate intensity cardiovascular exercise to train yourself to breathe in and out of the nose. You can also practice slow, controlled breathing into and out of the nose during a breathwork or mindful meditation session."

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People claim mouth taping helps them get the best sleep.

Leave it to people on TikTok to solve so many sleep woes. TikToker @heyitsrachael says in a video, "It's 9 p.m., and I'm about to tape my mouth to go to sleep. I've had these things for months, but I just started using them this week … it's made such a big difference. Anybody who knows me knows that I don't have any kind of a sleep schedule, I hardly get any sleep, and I run off of caffeine. But I started putting these on Sunday, and the latest—the absolute latest—I've gone to bed this week is like 10:30 and I've been waking up at 5:30 in the morning. I feel so rested."

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Another TikTok user, @brinlie_, states in her video, "This mouth tape is the best mouth tape," as she holds a package of VIO2 Mouth Tape. "I've been trying them out … for three weeks, and when I tell you I am actually shocked—I tried this out so I could actually give you guys a true review, and I want to tell you why I think these are better than the ones I was using."

She notes that the brand offers two options for how you can sleep with the mouth tape; she prefers situating the tape in an "H" shape over her lips. The TikToker also notes that if you get thirsty in the middle of the night, you can seamlessly sip your water from a straw without taking off the tape. "That was a game-changer for me," she says.

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