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5 New Things You'll See at Sonic Going Forward

The drive-in chain's new design will delight those who love summer.

Sonic seems to be primed for providing the kind of fast, contactless service that has made drive-thrus and curbside pickups sought-after during the pandemic. With a classic drive-in setup, the chain has always catered to the customer on the go. Now, the long-awaited redesign of their locations is giving Sonic even more of an edge—besides improvements to efficiency, the new drive-ins will feature an updated aesthetic, too.

The company unveiled the new design at the Tahlequah, Oklahoma location, while the second updated location is under construction in Fort Worth, Texas. Starting next year, all of Sonic's newly opened locations will feature the new design. Existing locations will be updated to match the new aesthetic, but not retrofitted with some of the major structural changes.

Here are some of the new things you'll see at revamped Sonic locations. Don't forget to sign up for our newsletter to get the latest restaurant news delivered straight to your inbox.


Wider car docks

sonic drive thru

While Sonic's car docks could sometimes intertwine with the drive-thru lanes, causing confusion, the new design will solve this problem. Brand new locations will feature fewer car docks with a wider layout, and a drive-thru lane that doesn't intersect with them. Here's the #1 Worst Thing You Can Do at the Drive-Thru.


New patio fun

sonic patio
Courtesy of Sonic Drive In

While you can order from your car dock, you'll be able to wait for your order on a newly designed patio. The patio will be covered with a roof and feature family-friendly games like cornhole. However, due to the pandemic, most outdoor patios remain closed for the time being.


Speedier kitchens

sonic drive thru
Courtesy of Sonic Drive In

Sonic has made some changes on the inside that'll benefit their customers. The kitchen layouts have been reimagined with speed and efficiency in mind, meaning your order will likely be ready faster. Here are 6 Restaurants With the Fastest Takeout Service Right Now.


Colorful summertime vibes

Courtesy of Sonic Drive In

First thing you'll notice at the new drive-in locations is the emphasis on mood. "Our purpose is to be the little oasis in everyone's daily routine," said Sonic's president Claudia San Pedro. The new look, dubbed "Delight," features an upbeat color palette of red and blue which the company said is a nod to summer vibes. "We wanted to physically showcase how summertime is a feeling and a mindset in the classic drive-in experience […] and we were able to achieve that with bright colors, mood, and a mid-century airy feel," San Pedro said.


A cherry on top

sonic drive in
Courtesy of Sonic Drive In

Sonic's new locations will be adorned with a big neon cherry sign, a nod to the brand's iconic cherry limeade and another symbol of summer. Check out these 7 Fast Food Logos with Hidden Messages.

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