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Alicia Silverstone Is Asking Her Fans to Give Up These Foods

The actor implored her followers to make this one easy diet swap.

Alicia Silverstone may be best known for her leading roles in films like Clueless, but the star has yet another passion beyond the world of acting that she's just as outspoken about: environmentalism. Silverstone, who's the author of the vegan cookbook The Kind Diet, has long been a proponent of animal welfare causes, and now she's asking her fans to ditch some particular foods in order to help build a more sustainable planet.

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Silverstone is asking fans to adopt a meatless Monday.

alicia silverstone talking into microphone in front of her kind diet cookbook
Michael Tran / FilmMagic

On her Instagram account, Silverstone—who personally adheres to a vegan diet—praised Meat Free Monday's Impact Calculator, which lets people know how many natural resources they could help conserve by giving up meat and dairy just one day a week.

"Look how great this is!" says Silverstone. "It's so fun (and rewarding!!) to see the amount of water and animal you've saved, or the number of hungry people fed, and so much more!! All because of YOU!! Just imagine how much you'd help the world if you did more than a day."

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She calls her vegan diet a "no-brainer."

alicia silverstone in black dress with braid crown
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Silverstone says that she and her son Bear, 9, haven't had to give up their favorite foods to stick to their vegan diet.

In an interview with People, Silverstone admitted that she allows her son to participate in food rituals with his friends, like bringing vegan birthday cake to school.

Speaking to Farm Sanctuary, the actor explained that she and Bear still enjoy everything from sliders to tacos on a regular basis, swapping out animal-based proteins for vegan alternatives.

"It's turned me into an absolute health nut, because you feel so good, you feel so different," explained Silverstone, calling veganism "such a no-brainer."

She credits her way of eating with regulating her emotional state.

alicia silverstone smiling in a silver dress
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It's not just her physical wellbeing that benefits from her vegan diet—Silverstone also says that sticking to healthy, vegan meals helps her stay on an even keel emotionally.

"When I don't eat well, I don't feel well, and then my moods go all over the place," she told The New York Times in 2020.

She sticks to easy-to-make staple foods.

alicia silverstone smiling in green dress on red carpet
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Silverstone says that eating a vegan diet doesn't have to mean learning to cook all over again. Instead, Silverstone sticks to a simple plan for her meals. "My motto is 'greens, grains, beans,' and I'm good," she told Well + Good.

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She keeps soy on the menu.

alicia silverstone in gray plaid suit
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Silverstone also says that she doesn't shy away from soy-based foods, despite the bad rap they've gotten in the past. Silverstone tells Women's Health she loves tofu because "you can transform [it] into anything," noting that she typically fries it or makes pudding with the soy-based protein. As for the notion that a moderate amount of soy will wreak havoc on a person's hormonal balance? Silverstone called the notion "ridiculous."

"I am not at all freaked out by soy in the miso, tempeh, black soybeans, or shoyu forms. In fact, I think they are incredibly healthy and important for the diet. I'm not worried about the occasional soy treat, like ice cream," she explained on her Kind Life blog.

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