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America's Largest Pizza Chain Is Increasing the Price of This Long-Standing Menu Staple

For the first time since 2009, the Mix and Match deal gets pricier.

Once well-priced fast-food menu staples continue to get more expensive, as restaurant chains battle the financial pressures of inflation and labor shortages.

In January, America's largest pizza chain Domino's announced a change to its long-standing $7.99 carryout deal, which has been removed from stores and is now only available online. And now, the company said it will have to make changes to another iconic value offer. The Mix and Match combo, which lets customers order two or more items for $5.99 each, is becoming significantly more expensive.

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For the first time since its launch in 2009, the deal will be priced at $6.99 for those who order delivery. Carryout customers, however, will still be able to get their combo items at $5.99. The change will take effect on March 14.

"We believe that $6.99 is still a great relative value for our delivery customers, offering variety, great taste, and a competitive price while also reflecting the increased costs inherent in a delivery order," said Domino's outgoing CEO Ritch Allison.

The price adjustment comes as the chain revealed it is dealing with a significant shortage of delivery drivers. Operations have been seriously impacted by employees calling out sick due to a surge in the Omicron variant in December and January. The company reported a 3% decrease in sales at U.S. restaurants in the fourth quarter and said staffing continues to pose a challenge in 2022.

The price increase is just one tactic the chain is using to relieve the issue. Last month, it kicked off Carryout Tips, a deal where customers can earn $3 coupons if they pick up their own carryout orders. The offer is valid through May 22.

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