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This Is Where You Can Order America's Largest Pizza

And yes, they deliver. We learned what's cooking with the pizzeria that makes the biggest pizza sold.

What'd you eat this weekend? The way takeout's been trending, we don't doubt you've had pizza on the menu in recent days. Pizza is said to be the most beloved food of all the genres that have seen sales increase since the start of the pandemic—but if you wanted to order the biggest pizza money can buy, who would you call? We have the answer.

Eat This, Not That! spoke with Moontower Pizza Bar's co-owner, Amber Rouse, to learn more about their massive pizza—known as "The Bus." Read on to learn the details about the biggest pizza that you can buy in America. (And—if you're starting to feel the effects of all that takeout, check out The One Trick To Lose Weight Like Crazy, Says Celebrity Trainer.)

Its home is Moontower Pizza Bar.

Courtesy of Pizza Today

The biggest pizza in America, shown here, can be found at a restaurant in Burleson, Texas, a suburb of Fort Worth. The family-owned Moontower Pizza Bar broke the 2018 Guinness World Record for the largest commercially available pizza as an eight-foot-by-32-inch sheet.

(Meanwhile, check out the much more miniature pizza version that was recently taken to court over "cheese fraud." Gasp!)

Making the Bus is a weekly feat.

Rouse informed us that on average, the restaurant gets one order each weekend for the Bus. She said making this monster takes 22.5 pounds of the pizzeria's secret-recipe dough (five times the amount of dough it takes to make a regular pizza), five pounds of homemade marinara sauce, and 10 pounds of cheese. The Bus comes with one topping for $299.95 (Rouse says the most popular is pepperoni, even if national data differs), and additional toppings can be piled on for $25 each. Put it all through a conveyor oven for 30 minutes, and you've got the ultimate party trick.

Parties love the Bus.

As for what inspired the Bus, Rouse has said their 30-inch pizza was always a hit with families and parties, so they wanted to take that concept bigger. To achieve that, creating the pan and oven for the Bus would take six months. It appears to have paid off—the Bus clearly generates buzz. Rouse told us the Bus serves 75 people on average.

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The Bus comes special delivery.

Courtesy of Moontower Pizza

Do they deliver this baby? "Yes ma'am," Rouse told us. "In our trailer."

(If you're out of the delivery range, read up on the pizza chain that's opening almost 500 new locations around the country.)

Wisdom says cooking for crowds takes occasional oversight.

Courtesy of Moontower Pizza Bar

Not a bad idea as you think about what to order for those outdoor gatherings—just remember food safety is a warm-weather must. After Moontower hosted a party for their Guinness win, Pizza Today reported that a representative from Guiness and a State of Texas Health Inspector had joined them in the kitchen while the pizza cooked.

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If you're not that hungry, well, Moontower is all-inclusive when it comes to appetites. The spot also offers a full menu of more regular-sized items, including sandwiches, wings, and fries. And when it comes to the rest of their pizza menu, the level of novelty decidedly does not disappoint: Moontower's Rattler pizza comes dressed in chili sauce, cheddar, and rabbit/rattlesnake sausage; while macaroni and cheese is the topping that gives their Carbs on Carbs pizza its name.

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