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One Major Effect of Drinking Celery Juice, Says Science

It has both hydrating and health benefits that are especially helpful during these hot summer months.

Maybe you've heard that digesting celery burns more calories than are actually in a stalk. It's an intriguing theory, but today, a report suggests that downing more celery could not only amp up your metabolism, but it could actually keep you safe in the heat. With parts of North America seeing extreme heat this summer—and with the National Weather Service citing heat as the leading cause of weather-related fatalities—drinking celery juice just may help you avoid the dangers of heat exhaustion or even heat stroke.

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Eating celery does burn calories.

Stalks of celery

First, according to a registered dietitian and nutritionist for Eat This, Not That!, it's true: Our body's process for digesting celery actually does utilize more calories than the veggie itself contains. To learn about the fascinating science behind this, read What Happens to Your Body When You Eat Celery, Say Experts.

However, this effect doesn't apply to celery juice.


Some juices, like amla juice, have been shown to help your body burn fat. However, The Beet explains that while some high-profile lifestyle and nutrition figures have argued that celery juice pours on the same benefit, scientific studies have not demonstrated that celery juice fires up metabolism.

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Celery juice does seem to deliver one essential health benefit.

celery stalks and celery juice

While The Beet reports that other benefits of celery juice have been debated between scientists and pop culture personalities, what research has shown is that celery juice seems to deliver on hydration in a big way. That's because celery is composed almost entirely of water, and it contains the electrolyte potassium, which helps balance fluid in the body. As a result, celery juice can aid hydration.

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Plus, celery juice offers other huge benefits.


While it's not been shown to be a huge boost to fat-burning, celery juice does in fact provide other advantages that truly might make it worth incorporating into your diet. Learn more about it by reading Why Are You Seeing Celery Juice Everywhere?.

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The key to staying healthy in the heat:


Dehydration is chief among the main causes of heat stroke. An important tip in extreme temperatures is to make sure you sip to stay hydrated. Also, do not miss 11 Foods That Help Prevent Heat Stroke.

Nutrition from nature is inspiring, isn't it? Keep reading:

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