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Costco's Bakery Just Debuted Its Second New Item This Month

June has been an exciting time to be a bakery fan.

Ever since the pandemic forced Costco to cut some bakery items, the company has taken to adding new treats to the section to counter the ones that were discontinued. Some of these have been made "mini" but others, including the most recent addition, are anything but… and it's the second new bakery item in the last few weeks.

Cheesecake is a favorite any time of the year, and Costco's version changes with the season. In the past, it has been topped with strawberries for a late-summer treat or layered with apples and sugary crumb streusel in time for fall. Right now, though, there's a Chocolate Cheesecake that not only features multiple types of chocolate but is described as "perfect for a party!" Good thing backyard BBQs and Fourth of July gatherings are a dime a dozen right now.

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Instagram account @costco_empties posted about the new cake on June 14, asking their followers: 'How amazing does this NEW Chocolate Cheesecake @costco look?!" They show the label for the new cake—found in the refrigerator section—which reads that each one is over 4.5 pounds and costs $19.99.

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Lots of members in the comments show excitement for the cake, which at its size is quite the opposite of the other new bakery item that debuted in early June. Fruity instead of chocolatey, the Raspberry Mini Cakes with Buttercream Icing are already a hit. The pack of six muffin-sized treats features a vanilla cake filled with raspberry jelly and topped with pink buttercream and white chocolate shavings. It costs members $9, and although that is $10 less than the Chocolate Cheesecake, both are made for sharing.

These two new Costco bakery treats aren't subject to the high inflation rates hurting the grocery industry right now, but two other items in this part of the warehouse are. Read all about it here.

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