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Costco Just Brought Back These 2 Bakery Items in Time For Spring

One is mini while another is fruity.

When the seasons change, so does a lot of the Costco inventory. Staples for a certain time of year can show up as early as a few months in advance, but sometimes it takes a little bit longer for others to become available. Right now that's the case for two favorites in the bakery section.

Warehouses have been stocked with things like Organic Apple Pie, Cheese Buns, Cranberry Orange Bisconie, and more for a while, but members have spotted two other returning favorites—the Mini All American Cakes and the Raspberry Crumble Cookies.

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Popular Costco-fan Instagram account @costcobuys posted about both of them in one week. Members were delighted to see the Raspberry Crumble cookies back in the bakery for $9.99 for a pack of 12.

"No. Do. Not. Bring. Them. Home. Like I'm serious," one member commented about the giant cookies that, according to other members, taste delicious prepared multiple different ways. These include right out of the package, frozen and thawed, and heated up.

A few days after the first find, @costcobuys revealed that another bakery item made its return. This time it's the Mini All Americal Cakes.

The muffin-size chocolate cakes were first introduced last summer after members argued for the return of the All American Chocolate Cake that disappeared in 2020. Costco listened by bringing the bakery flavor back in a smaller size. Since then the smaller cakes have come and gone a few times, with this week being its most recent re-debut. A box of six is $7.99.

Both of these two bakery items are still, of course, Costco-sized and great for taking to parties, Spring backyard picnics, and other gatherings to share.

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