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6 Costco Bakery Items in Stock Right Now

It's constantly changing, but here's what to expect today.

Inside Costco warehouses sometimes twice the size of other grocery stores, it can be easy to get caught accidentally spending way too much time searching for items on your list. Unfortunately, the warehouse chain's website isn't the best at letting members know exactly what is available in-store.

There are over 100 million members across the world, and many of them take to social media to help others out and let them know the items they've spotted recently, including bakery items. The assortment of freshly baked treats changes all the time, but we've done some digging into exactly what you can find right now ahead of the Fourth of July.

 These Are Costco's Most Popular Items Right Now


costco cinnamon rolls
Costco / Facebook

This favorite comes and goes quite a bit throughout the year, and it's officially on sale right now. Instagram account @costcobuys spotted it again recently, highlighting that a pack of 12 is $6.99.

Key Lime Pie

Costco bakery

This Costco bakery favorite was also just seen for the first time in a while with Instagram accounts like @CostcoContessa posting about it in the last few weeks. The pie is back at a convenient time—right in time for backyard BBQs all July 4th weekend. It weighs over 4 pounds and is $15.99

Chocolate Cheesecake

Costco bakery

Certain seasons come with certain flavors, and summer and cheesecake go together like winter and mint. This is evident as a brand new bakery item just debuted in the warehouse, and it's another type of the iconic dessert.

The brand new Chocolate Cheesecake, like the Key Lime Pie, is over 4 pounds and feeds a crowd. It's made of three types of chocolate and is just under $20.

Raspberry Mini Cakes

Costco Bakery and Deli

Several treats have gotten the "mini" treatment since the pandemic, including the All American Chocolate cake. This is a brand new smaller bakery item, featuring vanilla cake filled with raspberry jelly and topped with pink buttercream and white chocolate shavings. A pack of six cakes is $8.99.

Croissants and muffins…but there's a catch.

costco bakery

Costco keeps several bakery items stocked year-round, including the croissants and muffins. But members have reported the prices of both of these have gone up recently, and Costco company leaders confirmed it. With inflation soaring to highs that haven't been seen in decades, this news may not come as such a blow, but definitely hurts.

"Reluctantly, we took up the price of our muffins and our croissants, I think, $1 as the price of a lot of those raw materials have continued to escalate to two times and three times and four times what they were last year," Bob Nelson, the Senior Vice President of Finance and Investor Relations at Costco said during an earnings call at the end of May.

This means that a pack of the 12 plain croissants is now 20% more expensive at $5.99 and 12 muffins (two packs of six) are $8.99.

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