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The Cheapest Costco Products Right Now

Time to stock up on your faves!

There are always deals to be found at Costco, especially when you check out the warehouse's Member-Only Savings. Costco is constantly rotating its deals and marking down seasonal staples, and the current selection is good and cheap through June 14.

We combed through all the discounts currently on offer to pull out the absolute best selections that you should definitely pick up on your next trip to the warehouse (along with all the products that shoppers are completely obsessed with). Shop them all ahead!

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Sheila G's Chocolate Chip Brownie Brittle

brownie brittle
Courtesy of Sheila G's

Sheila G's Brownie Brittle is beloved by Costco shoppers everywhere. Fortunately, the popular snack is discounted right now. You can get two 16-ounce bags for the price of one at your local warehouse, which is a huge deal.

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Angie's BoomChickaPop Sweet and Salty Kettle Corn

angies boom chicka pop kettle corn bag

This sweet and salty snack is great for when you can't quite decide what you want to eat. Grab a 25-ounce bag — which is plenty of snacks — and get the second one free. Plus, these last for a while, so you can grab a few and stock up while they're cheaper.

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Clif Bar Energy Bars Variety Pack

Clif Bar Energy Bars Variety Pack
Courtesy of Costco

A 24-pack of these energy bars is discounted $5.70 right now, which is a pretty significant savings. This pack of 24 bars will last you a few weeks and by then, Costco will have a new deal for you to choose from! These bars have 9 grams of protein each, so they're great to grab and go when you need to eat in a hurry.

CJ Bibigo Chicken and Cilantro Mini Wontons

Costco Wontons
Courtesy of Costco

Costco shoppers should be happy to know that this popular freezer item is discounted right now. A 3-pound bag is currently $4 off in warehouses only. These bite-size wontons can be a snack or a meal, and they're great if you're trying to eat healthily. Make them in the air fryer for a low-calorie meal.

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Red's Turkey Sausage Egg'Wich

Red's Turkey Sausage Egg'Wich
Courtesy of Costco

An 8-count box of these is more than $3 off right now, which means you can stock your freezer for busy mornings. These are keto-friendly and incredibly low in carbs, so they're an excellent choice for anyone on a healthy-eating journey.

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Melona Frozen Dessert Bars Variety Pack

Courtesy of Costco

Costco shoppers have been raving on social media and Reddit about these frozen treats. This variety pack of 24 bars is $3.30 off right now, and they'll fuel all your hot summer days. The box contains bars in melon, mango, and coconut flavors — the perfect tropical combo!

While some of these deals are also available online, you might not be able to get them one way soon. Here's why Costco's CFO says the chain may not move forward with expanding curbside pickup.

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