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This One Trick Will Make Your Popcorn Taste Better

Don't like making stove-top popcorn? Here's a tasty—and healthy—alternative!

When it comes to popcorn, the question is less "Why do we love it?" and more "Where do we begin?" The all-American snack is so airy and light that, consumed plain, it's basically a health food. But as all popcorn lovers know, the food is much too versatile to actually be served solo, which is why this popcorn trick is a clever way to give this healthy snack an upgrade. (Related: The 7 Healthiest Foods to Eat Right Now)

Throw on some melted butter and salt, and you have a savory movie indulgence. Shake it up with M&Ms or chocolate chips, and you have a slightly-gooey dessert. Buy it pre-popped and coated in white cheddar seasoning, and you have an ideal 3 p.m. desk snack.

There are a few traditional options when it comes to churning up the 'corn. First, you could buy a pack of ready-to-pop bags at the grocery store, fire up the microwave, and approximately two minutes and forty-five seconds later, have it ready to eat. The only downside, here? This habit, while convenient, can be expensive and wasteful. Plus, some microwave brands aren't as healthy as other popcorn cooking alternatives

Especially when compared to the alternative: stove-top popcorn. To go this route, you buy kernels once (they always seem to come in bulk) and olive oil, mix them in a pot, and let the stove's heat take it from there. As someone who's tried, I can confirm: this option is more difficult than it appears. There is a certain amount of trial-and-error required before you learn the correct ratios, how not to burn the bottom layer, and when exactly the right time is to take it off the burner.

But now, thanks to an old YouTube video from the user CrazyRussianHacker, I've uncovered a third clever popcorn trick. This lunch-bag method combines the ease of microwave popcorn with the sustainability and affordability of stove-top popcorn. Read on to discover how this popcorn trick works, and once you have the snack ready, consider topping it with this One Ingredient Everyone's Adding To Their Popcorn.

First, gather your materials.

You'll need a pack of brown paper lunch bags, kernels, butter, and whatever seasoning your heart desires. This YouTuber uses bacon cheddar flavoring. I might go for just plain old sugar and salt, for a kettle corn vibe.

Second, mix 'em up in a bag.

Pour just enough kernels to fill the bottom layer of the bag, then add in a slice of butter and your seasoning. You can get creative, here! Not sure what seasoning to use?

Third, zap it!

Before putting the lunch bag in the microwave, simply crunch the top of it in your fist. This creates enough closure to keep the kernels from popping out, while also still giving them room to expand. When you microwave the bag, stand by to listen for when the popping slows down. As soon as it starts to, pull it out and voila! Your home-cooked popcorn made easy.

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