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6 Products Flying Off Costco Shelves Right Now

These are probably already on your list...

There are a few Costco staples that will never go out of popularity—we're talking about you, rotisserie chicken and cashews. But six other items are also flying off of shelves as of late, and they might be either low in stock or missing from your local warehouse.

So you have an idea of what you may or may not find on your next shopping trip, we've made a list of these popular products at Costco right now. And for more help putting together your next grocery list, check out the 6 Cheapest Costco Products Right Now.

Nespresso Vertuo Next

Costco coffee aisle

The wait is over because Costco is finally selling a Nespresso machine! The Vertuo Next comes with the machine, an Aeroccino3 milk frother, 42 espresso capsules, two capsule recycling bags, a descaling kit, and $35 off your next order—all for $169.99.

This deal is circulating around Instagram, and 790 people commented when @costcodeals posted about it. Many said things like, "I've been waiting for this." If you're also interested, the machine is being sold in-store—but you may want to act fast.

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Lavazza Espresso Italian Whole Bean Coffee

Costco coffee

This popular pick in the coffee aisle is hot right now thanks to the astricts on its label. Yup, the "death star" means it likely won't be restocked after what's on the shelf is gone.

Instagrammer @costcohotfinds discovered the star, and it's safe to say people are upset. So if this coffee is one of your morning staples, you better stock up while you still can!

Strawberry & Yogurt Pretzels

costco aisles

This snack is popular at Costco right now thanks to its size. These Strawberry & Yogurt Pretzels come in 24-ounce bags (which is about 1.5 pounds) with 23 servings—all for $7.99.

They were spotted by @costcodeals, and fans expressed their excitement in the comments. "They are so good! Right amount of sweet and salty!!" one wrote. Another noted they were just about to start their diet, so sticking with one serving (which is about 6 pretzels) is the way to go since it has 140 calories, 6 grams of fat, 4.5 grams of saturated fat, 22 grams of carbs, 14 grams of sugar, and 100 milligrams of sodium.


Costco plants

Spring is in the air, and shoppers are going crazy for plants at Costco! The warehouses are notorious for having a random selection, but Instagram Costco expert @costco_doesitagain found large palms in one warehouse recently for $27.99. One commenter said they were getting a tree ASAP because they're an indoor plant that likes part sun.

Another account, @costcodeals, saw cascading fern hanging baskets at one location for $19.99. And @costcobuys spotted 12-inch hanging baskets with assorted flowers for $16.99. So if you're in the market for plants, now may be the time to buy!

Girl Scout Thin Mints Almonds

shelves and selection at costco bakery

Spring and summer are nice, but Girl Scout Cookie season may be the best of the year. While Costco doesn't sell them, they're offering a delicious alternative—and it's flying off shelves. Girl Scout Thin Mints Almonds combine your favorite cookie with crunchy nuts. A 1-pound tub rings up for $12.99.

One fan called it sorcery, while a second expressed their joy because they have Celiac disease and can't have the regular cookies because of the gluten in them. Another commenter called them a must-try, and someone else said they look "healthy-ish." One serving, which is about 8 nuts, has 170 calories, 3.5 grams of fat, and 7 grams of sugar. So as long as you aren't eating handfuls and handfuls, they're an OK snack.

Brown Sugar Boba Ice Milk Bars

costco freezer

Right now, there's a shortage of boba tea because of shipping delays on the West Coast. But while other retailers may not have it, Costco does . . . only in frozen form. The Brown Sugar Boba Ice Milk Bars come in a 12-pack for $13.99. One fan said they're patiently waiting for their local warehouse to get them, and others ask if anyone has seen them in their neck of the woods

It's too early to say, but if these bars are anything like the real thing, they may be hard to find soon. Meanwhile, here are the 10 Popular Products Coming Back To Costco This Year.

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