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This Costco Product Is Part of The Huge Peanut Butter Recall, Company Says

The chain recently alerted members who purchased it, telling them to throw it away or return it for a refund.

In late May news broke that an outbreak of Salmonella illnesses across the U.S. was linked to Jif peanut butter. The company's creamy, crunchy, natural, no sugar added, and more were promptly recalled, but the investigation continued. Since then several other products have been added because they contain the potentially harmful peanut butter—and the latest item is one found at Costco.

The warehouse chain tracks all items purchased through membership numbers and therefore is able to alert shoppers if a product they bought is recalled. That is the case with the Dorm Room Snack Box sold between April 20 and May 23, 2022.

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"Costco records indicate that you, or one of your add-on members, have purchased item number 1377354," a notice sent to members reads. "This item is a combination of 70 snacks covering multiple brands and products including four Jif To Go Peanut Butter Dipping Cups, 1.5 oz. The J.M. Smucker Company and the FDA have issued a voluntary recall of select Jif Peanut Butter products due to potential Salmonella contamination."

The box contains other snacks, like Snyder's pretzels, Oreos, Pringles, Goldfish, and more. Green Rabbit Holdings, Inc.—the company that assembled the box—says in the notice that anyone with it should not eat the Jif To Go peanut butter packs, and should throw them away or return it to Costco for a refund.

Costco Jif peanut butter recall
Courtesy of Green Rabbit Holdings, Inc.

Unfortunately, this isn't the only product sold at Costco included in the peanut butter recall. Jars included in the original recall were sold at warehouses nationwide. Crunchy and Creamy peanut butter varieties with item numbers of #917538 and #917546 are included.

As of May 25, the FDA's outbreak investigation revealed the total number of Salmonella illnesses traced back to Jif peanut butter was 16 across 12 states. Other products that have since been recalled as well for containing the peanut butter include ice cream, snack packs, bread, bakery items, fudge, and more sold at Walmart, Walgreens, Giant Eagle, and other grocery stores.

If you believe you have a product included in any recalls regarding the Jif peanut butter, the company has created a Recall Contact Form that can help expedite support to reimburse affected consumers. While it's important to discard or return a recalled item, it's also necessary to make sure the kitchen is safe after it is removed. Follow These Two Steps to Sanitize Your Kitchen, Expert Says.

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