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Costco Is Facing Another Shortage of This Beloved Frozen Item

These Chick-fil-A chicken nugget dupes are just as popular as ever!

Some Costco members recently discovered that their neighborhood stores have a low inventory of water because there are limits on the numbers of bottles they can purchase. But this might not be the only product shortage that is impacting warehouses right now. A popular frozen item that previously went out of stock is apparently super hard to find again.

Costco members went nuts in January over Just Bare chicken nuggets, which purportedly taste exactly like the ones sold at Chick-fil-A. In a viral TikTok video comparing the two products, a taste tester says, "You wouldn't even know the difference." The excitement resulted in warehouses running out of the beloved chicken product, and members didn't report finding the 4-pound bags again until April.

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Just Bare Lightly Breaded Chicken Chunks
Courtesy of Instacart

Now, we may be in the midst of another chicken nugget shortage, according to new reports by social media users. Reddit user @popehonker recently revealed that the Chick-fil-A-like nuggets were AWOL at a warehouse in Mesa, Ariz. Other individuals in Denver, Illinois, and Nevada also reported being unable to find the elusive chicken product in the comments.

"Happened at my store too just recently," one commenter said. "Went back a week or so later and they were available again. Could just be a delivery delay."

Another commenter suggested that there's not necessarily a shortage but rather an issue with demand. "I can almost guarantee it's just a problem with keeping up with demand. Those things fly off the shelves nowadays," user @HooplaStank, who identifies as a frozen food driver, said.

If you're looking for the crispy nuggets involved in this possible Costco chicken shortage, check your local warehouse or the Instacart app because they aren't listed on Costco's website. If you do find them, grabbing an extra bag might be a good idea—they'll last a while in your freezer.

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