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The Costco Food Court Has a New Treat but You Can Only Get It Here

There's a new sweet that members can sink their teeth into in the Land Down Under.

Every Costco member knows that no trip to the warehouse is complete without a stop at the food court. Thankfully, the wholesale chain recently updated two food court items and put them back on the menu. Now, members can snag a bigger churro or new ice cream before or after they shop—and they can even eat them inside, too.

While there are still a few favorites missing (we're talking about you, combo pizza!) since the food court switched to a limited menu amid the pandemic, Costco members in one country now have a different new item to try.

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A new treat is replacing the churros in this part of the world.

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Would you trade the new churro for mini cinnamon donut balls? Warehouses in Australia have apparently made the switch, according to Reddit user @ZebedeeAU.

In this photograph, you can spot donut balls on sale for $2.99. (That's about $2.21 in U.S. dollars.) Though @ZebedeeAU hasn't tried the donuts yet, the Reddit user confirmed that they're round in size.

The image also reveals other Australian food court menu items that you won't find in the U.S. Some offerings are the same, such as the chicken bake, the pizza, and the sundae. But there's a southern style chicken burger, a pork hot dog, and bubble tea that appear to be exclusive to the Land Down Under.

This begs the question: What do other Costco food courts across the world have? Read along to find out.

Warehouses in Taiwan have several local favorites on the menu.

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Like Australia, the food courts at Costco warehouses in Taiwan have a chicken sandwich option. However, they also have a bulgogi bake, seafood pizza, a lemon slushie, and even matcha soft serve with boba, according to Buzzfeed and Instagram user @jkarmazinuk.


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Food courts in Canada just got a brand new item.

Costco food court

There's no shortage of chicken sandwiches at fast-food chains right now, thanks to the great chicken sandwich wars of the last few years. Now, it appears that Costco food courts in Canada are joining the competition. Indeed, a crispy chicken sandwich was spotted at a food court in Vancouver.

Instagram user @costcodeals posted about the item back in May, and more than 26,000 people gave the post a "like." The sandwich features a thick chicken patty and spicy mayo between two soft cheese buns.


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Eat This Not That! reached out to Costco when the news dropped, but a spokesperson said the company had no comment about whether or not the sandwich would be headed south to the U.S. anytime soon.

Costco food courts in the U.K. serve a beloved dessert.

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Like other items available for purchase inside Costco's warehouses, the gelato served at food courts in the U.K. is massive. It features three scoops of the flavor of your choice—either Amarena cherry, chocolate, mint chocolate chip, or stracciatella—served in a waffle cone. You get all of this for just £2 (or about $2.75), according to Buzzfeed and Instagram account @thecostcoconnoisseur.

The menu over the pond also has Aberdeen Angus cottage pie, a caramel fudge sundae, a double chicken fillet sandwich, and jacket potatoes (which include baked beans, beef chili, cheese, coleslaw, and tuna).

For help figuring out exactly what you should order on your next trip to the warehouse, here are 5 Healthy Costco Food Court Orders, According to Registered Dietitians.

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