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Food From This Fast-Food Chain Tastes Better When Delivered, Customers Say

The chain's items travel incredibly well.

The quality of food delivery is a major concern for fast-food brands. As takeout and delivery become our go-to modes of eating out, customers are expecting the same level of freshness they'd get when sitting at a table in a restaurant.

For fast-food chains, which are known and loved for their crunchy foods, avoiding sogginess is a particularly tall order. Some chains have taken steps like upgrading food packaging. Some tweaked the food itself, like Wendy's, which upgraded its fries to retain heat and crispiness throughout the delivery process.

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But one sandwich chain appears to be seeing incredible success in this arena. According to survey data collected by Technomic and reported by Restaurant Business, customers say the quality of Arby's food is better when delivered than when served at the chain's locations. This is a notable achievement for a brand that sells sandwiches, fries, and fried chicken items.

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Arby's COO John Kelly told Restaurant Business it is the chain's goal to deliver on those shifting customer expectations. "I think consumers are starting to say, 'Hey, I've had enough of that,'" he said, referring to food that doesn't travel well.

In order to maximize the quality of the food delivered, Arby's has several measures in place. These include placing fewer items in delivery bags to make room for a tamper-proof sticker and keeping hot and cold items separate.

To guarantee freshness, sandwiches are made to order and to ensure delivery orders are accurate, the chain has designated an area in the back of the house solely for assembling delivery orders.

Additionally, Arby's has adopted new technology and second production lines in its restaurants to tackle the larger volume of delivery orders. Currently, 35-40% of Arby's locations have a dual production setup, with the chain planning to expand this feature, according to Kelly.

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