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Gordon Ramsay Shares His 4 Weight Loss Secrets That Helped Him Shed 50 Pounds

The fiery chef reveals the one food he was forced to scrap, and the ways he's kept it off for three years.
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Most of us know losing weight requires some discipline… but have you ever imagined how challenging it would be if your job was to develop and test new dishes every single day? Gordon Ramsay, who's just launched a new partnership with Tide to encourage you to live smarter by washing your clothes in cold water, is getting personal about his recent weight loss. In an exclusive interview with Eat This, Not That!, Ramsay reveals four massive diet and lifestyle shifts he made to lose 50 pounds, and how he's maintained his goal for three years and counting.

In 2019, Ramsay and his wife, Tana, welcomed their youngest child. That was shortly after the Kitchen Nightmares star had shared with a U.K. publication that he'd undergone a weight loss mission for the sake of his marriage. "I look at the pictures and think, 'How did Tana stay around?'" he said, adding: "Tana has got better-looking and more gorgeous."

These days, it sounds like two-year-old Oscar is the only one in the Ramsay household who, shall we say, doesn't eat "clean." The chef hints that life is busy at home, though he enjoys pitching in with the family. (In our conversation about Tide's #TurnToClean initiative, we asked him the last time he needed to deal with stain removal. "The last thing . . . that ended up on my clothes was some pasta I was feeding Oscar," he said.)

He continued: "Good thing I'm partnering with Tide to help keep my chef whites and my clothes at home as clean and crisp as possible. When I saw how Tide was able to deliver a superior clean even in cold water, I was convinced. I am now committed to washing in cold—when washing on cold with Tide, you use 90% less energy and, in the U.S., it saves you up to $150 in energy bills a year while extending the life of your clothes. A secret my wife Tana kept from me!"

Now he spills some of his own secrets on staying in shape at 54… despite a busy schedule, and often surrounded by irresistible food. Keep reading for some of Ramsay's inspired discipline… and, check out Jamie Oliver Lost 26 Pounds By Making This One Change to His Diet.

Gordon Ramsay worked in more healthy fats.

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On the biggest nutrition change he made to get leaner, Ramsay tells us, "I just ate more efficiently and healthier. I ate more fatty acids like salmon."

We've long touted the benefits of adding in fish for weight loss. Salmon, in particular, is filled with omega-3 fatty acids that contribute to satiety.

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Ramsay also cut down on dairy.

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Ramsay also reveals that in the process of adding more beneficial fats to his diet, he also cut down his intake of dairy significantly, "I found that cutting dairy out in coffees and teas made me feel more energized."

"I always work out."

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Ramsay adds that exercise is a top priority each day. "My mornings . . . [are] when I always work out," he says. "I just try to work out on shoot days or when I'm in the kitchen early in the morning so I'm energized throughout the day."

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Despite work and family demands, this dad of five stays active.

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"I don't sleep!" he says, adding, "Kidding of course. When I have a down day, trust me, I'm on my bike getting in a great ride." Exercise, especially outdoors, is a known mood booster that contributes to a healthier life outlook overall.

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