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Trader Joe's Shoppers Love These 9 Healthy Weight Loss Foods

Grab these diet-friendly items on your next grocery run.

When you need to grab some groceries for the week, you can't go wrong shopping at Trader Joe's. This one-stop shopping destination has something for everyone, including some top-tier offerings that can make any dieter happy. While some of the store's products can easily put a dent in any weight-loss regimen, denizens of Reddit recently identified a ton of Trader Joe's weight loss foods that can help you shed some pounds while tasting great.

Make sure to keep an eye out for these enticing products next time you hit up a grocery store, but don't feel limited to just these items. Make sure to check out The Best & Worst Trader Joe's Foods—Ranked! and keep an eye out for some extra meals worth adding into your weekly meal rotation.


Cuban Style Beans

cuban black beans trader joes

When you want to eat healthily, you can't go wrong with adding some black beans into your diet. Out of all the options available at Trader Joe's, the brand's Cuban Style Beans ranked as one of the most popular weight loss foods around.

Reddit user emvelee wrote "The Cuban Style Beans are fantastic! Seasoned but not spicy, in case you're wondering." Jasminewindsong2 agreed, stating "Yes!! There are also green peppers and onion cooked in with them."

Including this item in your diet just makes sense. Black beans rank as the best carb to eat to lose weight and you can easily transform this Trader Joe's staple into a tomato and black bean soup.


Cowboy Quinoa Veggie Burgers

quinoa cowboy veggie burgers

When you want something a bit more substantial and quick to make, you can't miss the Cowboy Quinoa Veggie Burgers. Redditors love this offering, and u/Jasminewindsong 2 makes them a specific way. "I prefer them in an air fryer to get a bit of 'crunch,'" they said. "But overall, baking them is fine, and the flavor makes up for the texture in my personal opinion."

See how this product stacks up against the competition when it compares to the 30 Best and Worst Veggie Burgers.


Cauliflower Gnocchi

trader joes cauliflower gnocchi
Courtesy of Trader Joe's

If you want to enjoy a gnocchi with a lower carb content that can help you lose weight, you can't go wrong with Trader Joe's Cauliflower Gnocchi.

"Love the cauliflower gnocchi — I always have a bag or two in my freezer," user Maire13 said. If you love the idea of this meal but don't know what to do with the gnocchi once you buy it, have no fear. Use this product and whip up one of these 5 Genius Ways To Turn Trader Joe's Cauliflower Gnocchi Into Dinner for a great-tasting meal that can keep your diet on track.


Salad Kits

trader joes southwestern chopped salad
Courtesy of Trader Joe's

Trader Joe's excels at delivering delicious salads and their pre-made kits don't disappoint.

"Don't sleep on their salad kits," writes user chelstrels. "They are less than $4, and I split one with my partner every weekday for lunch. We add hard-boiled eggs or chicken for protein. They even have pre-made chicken so it couldn't be easier."

"The lemon arugula is my go-to happy food," user s05k14w68 added. "Sooooo amazing."

"I don't usually love pre-made salad but I like the five-spice chicken one with noodles," says Guilty-Diver4109 "The noodles make it feel a little more substantial while being low cal and it tastes good."

For more salad inspiration, give 35+ Healthy Salad Recipes for Weight Loss a read.


Mexican Style Cauliflower Rice

trader joes mexican riced cauliflower
Courtesy of Trader Joe's

If you love rice but don't count yourself as a fan of the carbs, you can't go wrong with caul rice, and Trader Joe's has a great version of this food that Redditors love.

"The Mexican style cauliflower rice is a must," writes maybeshesmelting. Reddit user timefornotheraccount agreed, saying, "I was surprised how spicy it was, but in a good way! I added fresh cotija, lime juice and tajín."

"Nothing is ever spicy enough for me, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that this actually has a bit of a kick," maybeshesmelting adds. "I add lime juice as well, plus the ajika seasoning."


Hold the Cones

hold the cone chocolate ice cream trader joes
Kiersten Hickman/Eat This, Not That!

When you want to curb any sweet cravings, Trader Joe's has a slew of great diet-friendly desserts.

"The Hold the Cone ice creams are such a great sweet treat in a small and manageable dose of sugar/low calorie," says user raindorpsonroses.

The product ranks as one of The Best Trader Joe's Products For Weight Loss and deserves to enter your meal rotation next time a craving strikes.


Cilantro Chicken Mini Wontons

cilantro chicken mini wontons

For a pre-made item that can get anyone's mouth-watering, you can't go wrong with Trader Joe's Cilantro Chicken Mini Wontons.

"The cilantro chicken wontons in the ginger miso broth plus some baby bok choy/spinach, sliced mushrooms, and cooked shrimp is my go-to healthy lunch," says user timefornotheraccount. "Swap or omit based on availability and time. I've definitely just done broth and wontons but adding veg and protein is a nice upgrade."

"The mini wontons are the BEST," writes user DefiantRaspberry2510. "4 for 50cal, which is amazing."

Don't assume that you can cook this item any way you like to get the same results. Check out 15 Tips to Enjoy Dumplings and Stay Slim and learn the very best way to prepare these wontons.


Shakshuka Starter

trader joes shakshuka starter
Courtesy of Trader Joe's

When you want to keep your diet on the straight and narrow, you can't go wrong with shakshuka.

"Shakshuka Starter plus two eggs is about 300 calories," one Redditor says. "Make two boxes in a 10in skillet plus 4 eggs for a fantastic hot breakfast with minimal effort. (Use a 6" skillet if you're just cooking one box) Serve over farro if you want the slow carbs."

Learn how to transform this starter into a paleo shakshuka for an even tastier final product.


Beef Shepherd's Pie

beef shepherds pie

Sometimes you crave an incredibly hearty dish, but trying to find one that agrees with your eating plan is easier said than done. Luckily, Trader Joe's pulls through with a crowd-pleasing take on shepherd's pie.

"The Beef Shepherd's pie is 340 calories for the whole pound, and 32 [grams] of protein," another Redditor says. "This is a great low-calorie substitute for take-out when I don't have the desire to cook." Just be sure to keep the sodium count in mind, which contains 580 milligrams per serving!

If you don't have time to cook, you can't go wrong with this staple, but if you have enough energy, you can whip up this item for yourself at home using A Healthy Take on the Classic Shepherd's Pie Recipe.

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